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The Abu Garcia Revo Winch was designed to provide pure cranking power and brute strength. The two main ingredients for the Winch's power and strength are the 5.4:1 gear ratio and the extra tough Duragear brass gears. The Revo Winch is built to withstand corrosive elements, the X-Craftic Alloy frame and side plates provide outer corrosion resistance while the HPCR Bearings provide internal movement protection. The HPCR Bearings also give the Winch increased durability and smoothness. The Carbon Matrix Drag System is rated up to 24lbs to handle the monsters of the deep.

Abu Garcia has made another leap forward in their Revo series with the addition of the Winch. The deeper spool of the Winch allows for more line and longer casts. The Revo Winch is ideal for deep water reaction bait applications such as deep crankbaits, spinnerbaits and swimbaits. The Revo Winch meets the demands of anglers looking for cranking power and strength.

Click here to see some video on Abu Garcia reels with Gary Morgal at ICAST '08.

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Reel Specs
Bearings: 10+1
Line Cap: 12/175yds

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Customer Reviews

Comments: To "Eric: IA", there is a screw next to the "Abu Garcia" logo on the handle side of the reel. Unscrew it to loosen and twist off the side plate on the left. You can push in to the center (loosen brake) or out (tighten brake) the 6 tabs in that side to give you different spool brakes. In general this reel is simply amazing. It is no worse than "butter smooth" as previously described. It saves a lot of muscle crankin' in those deep baits over and over.

From: Dave: Mankato, MN

Comments: There is no brake for the spool on that reel, only the thumb screw on reel handle side.  Other side dont have the traditional brake adjusting plate like other reels??? Only a silver plate where it should be.

From: Eric: IA

Comments: set your brakes on the spool to 2 or 1

From: Billy: IL

Comments: i bought 2 of these the beginning of september both only cast a 1/2oz spinnerbait around 25 to 30 ft no matter how tight or loose i set the adjuster i love the speed of the retrieve would also enjoy it if i could cast it a mile like i can my other 7 revo stx's... BUT i can't.  big fan of abu garcia, not sure whats up with these reels though??? any words of advice out there?

From: Eric: IA

Comments: funny because I've had mine for 3 years now and it still cast like a dream.

Comments: hey has any one who has this reel think of using for muskie top water/glide /bucktails

From: Kee: IL

Comments: reel is junk had it for a year and it completely has lost its casting ability i have taken it apart greased and oiled everything and and still cast like crap.when i first bought it it was awesome  Aint worth the money abu is not what they use to be.bought a spinning reel in 1997 and that thing lasted for 10 years.

From: Josh: R.I.

Comments: I paired mine with a medium kistler helium7'6". the people in this review that call this reel "butter smooth" are dead on. I use this combo to throw lipless cranks,some dd cranks ,and especially Norman little suspending divers from 10 to 12 feet it . you can buy both right here at TW.

From: Banks: Kimberly, AL

Comments: After Setting this up with my Carbon Lite MH Rod, I have made my first cast with 3/8 Rubber  to test out the casting distance in the back yard. It went out pretty far without doing it hard. I am actually stoked !

From: Burke: Greenbelt, MD

Comments: I put this masterpiece on a 7'11'' heavy Lamiglass rod for big swimbaits (you can perfectly creep a hudd 10x better than a 6.4:1 w/ a slower retrieve), alabama rig ect. and put it on a powell glass crank rod for getting cranks uber deep. It is BUTTER!! I am saving for another, you'll love this reel if you throw what I just stated!!

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments:  I own this reel as well as the Curado E5 and as much as I like the Curado, this is definitely the better reel.  I have this bad boy paired up with a 7' H Lucky Craft Deep Strike and the combo is very impressive for larger crankbaits.  This is definitely one of my favorite reels in my arsenal.  Probably a close second to my Abu Skeet Reese Revo.

From: Andy: Janesville, WI

Comments: I own a few of these and they are one of the best reels for cranking on the market.  Buttery smooth, good casting distance, reliable drag.  Great reel!

Comments: When I first started using the reel I could not believe how buttery smooth it is. I would have to look down to make sure I was reeling in. lol I have a Shimano Curado E5 and it smokes it in smoothness. You cannot feel the gears like you would in the Shimano. Plus the drag system is just beastly. I paired it with a Shimano Cumara CUC77M. Absolutely dream crankbait set up. If your looking for a cranking reel I would choose this over the Shimano E5.

From: Steve-O: LA, CA

Comments: Most deffenatly my favorite reel. I use this real for spinnerbaits, which is my bread and butter. This reel is the ultimate. It casts amazingly and handle fish incredibly. Anyone looking for a great spinnerbait or deap cranking reel this is your best bet. Abu Garcia has really set the bar high!!

From: Cody: Georgia

Comments: Key reel when you need to slow down rattle traps a little more.

From: Garrett: MI

Comments: Best Cranking reel on the market. Put this on a 7'11 Cumara for DD22's it simply cannot be beat.

Comments: Paired this reel with a Shimano 7'11" Crucial crankbait rod and use this outfit to throw the 3/4 oz. Red Eye Shad. Absolutely invincible with 30lb. test Power pro line and bass to 11lbs. in the Cal Delta.

From: LJ: Sac, CA

Comments: Love this reel!  One of the smoothest and quietest operating reels I own.  Super tough as well  Love the longer handle.  Bought this and a Shimano Curado E5, both are great but this is my favorite due to smoothness and toughness.

From: Robert: Davenport

Comments: great reel, for the money you can't beat it. I use the winch for salmon, caught a loto chum, and one 32 pound king. Drag is great, cast smoothly and comfortable in your palm..I have the curados 2 and 3's, the winch outmatches them by a long shot,,,,,, great reel

From: Fred: Seattle, WA

Comments: Awesome reel for the money. My one and only complaint is durability on the finish. I have 3 about 1 yr old and they look like some of my old shimanos. That being said i love the 5.4 gear ratio which is ideal for slower presentations and almost makes the us stop and slow down. This is a very versatile reel that i also throw smaller lucky craft pointer stick baits with and do pretty well and backlashes are minimal. I do not like that you have to take the cover off to adjust the magnetic brake and this one in particular is confusing. all in all i give it an 8 out of 10

From: Scott: Albany, NY

Comments: I love this reel, i have landed bass all the way to six pounds on this reel, with only eight pound fluorocarbon. Very good drag system, very smooth reel. Has the most torque than any other reel I have had.

From: James: Orange, VA

Comments: I just purchased this reel for selective crankbait fishing. It is likely the best crankbait reel on the market! Silky smooth and handles big cranks very well! I paired mine with a Falcon (Mark Davis Edition) crankbait special spooled with Seaguar flurocarbon and i love it!Thanks!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN

Comments:I recently demoed this reel and was very impressed. It's incredibly smooth, casts like a dream, and rarely, if ever, backlashes. The oversize handles are comfortable, and it doesn't weigh much. Can't think of a reason not to buy one.

From:David: Atkinson, NH

Comments: This reel is a must if you want to sharpen your cranking skills as an angler. I bought two of these reels and immediately fell in love with them!!! If you want to step your game up, then Abu Garcia is the way to go.....

From:Robert: Virginia Beach, VA

Comments:This reel is great for crankbait fishing. I have it on a G.Loomis 7' medium-heavy crankbait rod. It is terrific for deep-diving crankbaits. I've also found this combination is great for shallow cranking timber. With the stiffer rod, you can steer your lure thru limbs or down a tree trunk. This reel gives you the power to get the big fish turned and out of the thick stuff. In my opinion, this reel is a must for any serious crankbait fisherman.

From:Joel: East Canton, OH

Comments:These reels are great! I paired it with a Denali crankbait rod. It is smooth, the oversized handle is great for throwing a deep diving crankbait all day, its a breeze! Just like the other Revo's, it is a top quality reel.

From:TM: Centre, AL

Comments:One of the best reels I have. It is just as smooth as the STX if not more. Really good for slow rolling spinnerbaits and keeping baits low in the water. I have the Winch on a Powell 703CB and its one of my favorite combos. I recommend this reel to anyone who likes to throw big crankbaits or slow rolling spinnerbaits.

From:Gus: Brandon, MS

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