Truly offering lightweight performance and quality without any of the hype or high price tags - the Abu Garcia Veritas Series Spinning Rods (Veritas means “truth” in Latin) are constructed from super sensitive 30-ton graphite integrated with Abu Garcia’s new Nano Technology. Nano Technology actually manipulates the graphite on an atomic level to reduce weight and increase compression strength by 20% - compared to standard graphite.

Premium Titanium-Alloy Guides with SiC Inserts, designed by a new company Evolve, are also engineered to Abu Garcia’s exacting specifications to ensure increased casting distance and durability, while a proprietary Abu Garcia Reel Seat provides maximum exposure to the rod blank for increased contact and sensitivity transfer. High density EVA Grips and a Split-Grip handle design further reduce weight and balance out each rod right at your hands.  The same rods Bassmaster Elite Series standout Mike Iaconelli uses, the perfectly balanced Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Rods deliver unparalleled performance at an affordable price.  

Please Note: There may be some discrepancies with Line & Lure Weights on certain models.  We apologize for any inconvenience. The manufacturer is working to rectify the situation.

Backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring a balanced lightweight design with the performance and style to help you make the most of your time on the water, the Abu Garcia Vengeance Spinning Rods deliver excellent performance and angler value.

  • Delivering high quality performance at a value-conscious price, the Abu Garcia Veracity Spinning Rods feature super sensitive and impact resistant 36-ton graphite blanks constructed with Abu Garcia's Nano Technology.

  • On Sale

    Deliver the same performance and feel that made the original Veritas series so popular - now with some key upgrades, the new Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rods are lighter and stronger than ever before.

  • Superior construction, ultimate sensitivity and first-rate components, the Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 Spinning Rods have it all - in spades.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I got this rod for a steal: 60 bucks!!! at my local dicks sporting goods. I have heard all the rumors of it snapping but I have not had any problems yet. Although it is a little stiff and not as sensitive as I expected but still a great rod. Shop around for sales on this rod and you wont regret it.

From: Nick: FL 6/3/14

Comments: I've had the 6'6" M for a few years now and haven't had any issues with it.  They are sensitive and light.  Overall I have been happy with the rod and have been happy with the durability.

From: Michael: GA 3/13/14

Comments: i won bfl championship with 6'9" veritas.i like the action of this rod for dropshots and is plenty sensitive and light.glad I purchased it however hope it doesn't break.most other veritas have lil too stiff action for most of my type of fishing.need couple more of this one

From: Carl: Nottingham pa

Comments: Spinning: MH is pretty stiff compared to other rods. 

From: Val: La Crosse, WI

Comments: insanely sensitive but kinda fragile. The extreme lightness of the rod made them cut corners and I notice it most in the guides. SET THE HOOK GENTLY BECAUSE THE ROD MAY SNAP!! My friend set a 6 pounder and the rod snapped. He got the fish but is was a strange fight and I think there are better rods for the money

From: Ted: CA

Comments: Purchased rod and the fast action is what I needed. Rod performed great. However after the second time the first guide broke off. Tackle Warehouse honored their commitment and send me another. To my suprise the same guide broke again. I really liked the performance of the rod so I elected to replace the guide myself. After the repair I was tieing my fishing line to the next guide up and it broke. Now I will replace all the guides left with a better quality guide stainless or titanimum. The guides they used look like cast. Abu Garcia should look at the guides they are using and select a stronger material. If they change the guides to a stronger material I would recommend. But not until.

From: Edward: Lompoc, California United States

Comments: These rods are phenomonal... for the first couple months. I had the first guide bust out after a month of use because all it is held on by is cheap super glue. I fixed that guide and then the 4th one up broke... fixed that then the second one up broke... better off tho by the vengeance

From: Clark: Winslow, Maine

Comments: This rod is amazing. Definitely would suggest this rod

From: Nick: Englewood, Ohio, United States

Comments:  I love this rod, got it a week ago, I've been out 4 times and I've come to love it more every time I've used it, real sensitive, I use it primarily for Senkos and craws, I have a 6'6 medium and I plan on getting a couple more. 

Comments: I love this rod. I have the 7ft.  medium action and I primarily use it as a drop shot rod. The handle is comfortable and allows more direct contact from the blank to your hand resulting in better bite detection. Light tip but strong enough mid section and back bone to handle deep water hook sets. Again great rod Abu!

Comments: This rod sucks! My guide snapped right off after month of very light use. Only used it like 4 times. Never buying abu again

Comments: I currently own 4 Veritas series rods (2 casting, 2 spinning).  All of the rods are incredibly sensitive.  As far as the spinning rods go I have the 7' MH and the 6'6" M action rods.  Each rod is paired with a 7.5oz spinning reel (Pflueger Supreme MGX & Quantum Smoke).  The weight of these rods is just astounding!  The rods are perfectly balanced with each of these reels.  The Supreme is spooled with braid and the Smoke with fluorocarbon, so line type is versatile.  The backbone is plentiful for rock-solid hook sets.  You will never settle for less again!  There is now no need to spend more than $100 on a rod.  I highly recommend these rods.

From: Connor: IN

Comments: The 6 ft 9 inch Medium Light is excellent for fishing finesse worms, like either 4.5 in Robo worms or 5 in Thin Senkos on #2 Owner twist lock hooks with a tiny cone head weight used for fly tying just to give it a bit more momentum to cut through the breezes. The rod is very light weight for comfortable fir casting throughout the day and sensitive enough to detect the lightest take-up with braid main line and mono leader. Its adequate hook setting power was proven when I landed a 9 pound 12 ounce largemouth bass last summer.

From: Vince: AZ

Comments: Soliid rod, light and strong, i havethe 6'9"with a sahara 2500 and its a great finesse setup

From: Logan: NJ

Comments: I have the 7 ft Medium, and it's a great rod. I throw weightless senkos and other soft plastics. Great rod, and lightweight. The one issue I have is that it is very stiff, which I have found with all Abu Garcia rods. Overall, 8 of 10

From: Boca: CA

Comments:  Got the 6'9" ML.  For a $100 its a good rod and very light weight but it lacks sensativity.  Braid of course will help solve this issue.   If you don't fish tournaments or often this is a good rod.  Otherwise spend an extra $50-70 for a better rod sensativity wise.

From: David: Sauk Centre, MN

Comments: just bought the 6'6" mh from my local wholesale sports store went out to local pond for hour on way home caught 3 2 lb  largemouth bass on top water frog I could feel every little bite this is the best rod and most sensitive I have ever used can't wait to hook into bigger fish plan on using it for pike I paired it with my quantum energy 30 also got rod for 80 bucks thanks to a 20 off next 100 spent hell ya!

From: Kelly: Montana

Comments: Just got the 7' Med spinning rod during the Memorial Day Sale to go on a smallmouth trip to the New River in VA. Caught 30 plus smallies with this rod with fish ranging from 12" to 22" using a wacky rig senko on 10 lb braid and 12lb flouro leader. Rod performed flawless. Great backbone for solid hook sets and great action for long casts. Never lost a fish. Sensitivity was unbelievable. I could feel even the slightest touch and that was in a river with lots of current. I even picked up the guide's "high price" rod and it didn't even compare. He tried mine and was VERY impressed. Rod was very light. Fished for 9 hard hours and my arm didn't fall off like some of the other rods I've used in the past. You can't go wrong with this rod. I've tried the Carrot Stix, Wright & McGill (broke it on hook set), and St. Croix and this is my favorite. AWESOME!!! Can't wait to catch some mangum spots on Lanier now!!!

From: Jody: Cornelia, GA

Comments: Got the 6'6MXF. This will not work well as a usual M action spinning rod. It has a hard time feeling when throwing 1/8 - 1/4 oz jigs. Although that's the case, I found it is an AMAZING jerkbait rod. Loved it when throwing vision 110's.

From: Ed: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I got this rod to be more of a back up to my other "higher quality" (more expensive) rods, but I absolutely love it...Especially at about half the price of the others ones!  I have mine paired with an Abu Soron SX20 and 8lb line for now.  Do yourself a favor and buy one of these!

From: John: Alabama

Comments: These rods are great rods dont get me wrong. But they are very stiff for what is listed. The 6'9" ML is more like a medium action. I agree that they are probably the best rod for a hundred dollars for Largemouth. If you want a lighter action rod with more flex to it i would recommend the St. Croix mojo rods. They cost the same amount but they have more flex. Only down fall to St.croix is that they are a little heavy compared to the Veritas. But both are excellent rods for the money.

From: East Tennessee bass angler

Comments: Awesome light weight rod. 6'9" makes a nice drop shot set up.

From: NorCal

Comments: very light and much more sensitive then i wouldv guessed by looking at the price tag. the extra fast tip is not as fast as i thought it would be though. the best rod for 100$ st croix mojo bass are not far behing though. buy it and you will be pleasently suprised like every other angler who gives it a try

From: Zach: Jersey

Comments: Love it!! This is so LIGHT and great sensitivity, the handle is great and reel fits good with it, the only thing I don't like is that I have to wait until next summer to go fish.

From: Victor: Quebec, Canada

Comments: Hi guys, own an 6'6 med xfast, an its so stiff, here in Germany they would print 1oz or 28g on it. I like this rod so much, durable, super light, looks so nice and shine and of cause very nice price.

From: Andre: Bochum, Germany

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