Accu Cull Tournament Weigh Bag

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The Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag makes weighing in and transporting fish as easy as possible - on the angler and the fish.

Featuring an internal, removable mesh bag, you can simply pull the mesh liner out with the fish in it, and set the mesh bag into the dip tank so fresh water can circulate through it easier while waiting in line. A built-in handle design also helps you carry the bag without dragging it on the ground or having to walk awkwardly to the scales.

No more having to dump water out and pour it back in with the Accu Cull Weigh In Bag System. The "weigh master" can even use the mesh bag to weigh fish in so the fish are less stressed from being handled. Less handling, less mess and less time the fish are stressed - all reasons why the Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag is the bag you should be taking to the scales.

Dimensions: 23" x 23"

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I won this bag through an online giveaway Accu Cull was doing. I used it all of last year, and let other club members borrow it for weigh in. It has zero leaks. Every other bag I tried or have seen at weigh in has some leaks, not this one. the mesh inner liner is nice for removing the fish. Great product.

From: Ryne: Illinois 12/19/16

Comments: This bag is a great design. The inner liner made weighing in very easy and less messy. I just pulled the inner liner out with my catch inside.  I didn't have to dig around the bag trying to get my fish out. Also, I still had all my water in the main bag. This is great because after weighing in, I put my fish back in the main bag and transported them back to the lake.  I really can't say anything bad about this product and would highly recommend it if you do tournaments

From: Shane: Crestview, FL 8/14/14

Comments: I have been unhappy with several bags before trying the Accucull weigh-in bag. It is so well thought out. It keeps the fish in the very best shape for continued life after release and is extremely well built. I just am amazed how well designed this quality product performs. It gets my highest recommendation!

From: Jack: Kissimmee State, FL 7/3/14

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