AquatekO Invisa Swivel 5pk

AquatekO Invisa Swivel 5pk

Offering more stealth than traditional swivels, the AquatekO Invisa Swivel delivers a virtually invisible presentation that reduced line twists and enhances action. Made from a durable clear plastic, the AquatekO Invisa Swivel allows light to pass through it, so it blends into the water, making it virtually undetectable.

Safe for salt and freshwater, the AquatekO Invisa Swivel provides long-lasting performance that won’t rust or corrode like metal swivels. Made to be neutrally buoyant, the AquatekO Invisa Swivel won’t effect the action or the presentation of your lures. Perfect for spooked fish and clear conditions, the AquatekO Invisa Swivel ensures dependable, stealthy performance that anglers can trust.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: these things work great, the only downside is the tiny hole to tie the line to. The Bass Dr. introduced it on his fishing show, that's how i found these beauty's.

From: Robert: South Okanagan, British Columbia Canada 2/11/15

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