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Arbogast Buzz Plug - $5.79

Built with a highly individualized shape, the Arbogast Buzz Plug offers a lethal presentation and a unique advantage over traditional buzzbaits - the ability to come to a complete stop without sinking. While other buzzbaits require constant motion to stay afloat, you can pause the Arbogast Buzz Plug around stumps, slop, and docks, then give it a slight twitch or shake to persuade hungry bass into biting. Fish it with a slow, stop-and-go, or steady retrieve, and the single prop blade creates an incredible surface disturbance. The Arbogast Buzz Plug is also armed with a razor-sharp double upturned hook that fishes virtually weedless. When paused, the nose lifts slightly out of the water and positions the hook at precisely the right angle for a higher hookup ratio. Truly one-of-a-kind, the Arbogast Buzz Plug offers bass a taste of something that they’ve never seen before - a buoyant buzzbait with the ability to stop, and deliver that little bit of extra action that gets the job done. 

Arbogast Length Weight Class
Buzz Plug Jr 2-3/8" 5/8oz Floating
Buzz Plug 2-7/8" 1-oz Floating

W2f Review
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Comments: I keep this lure in a little wooden box imprinted with the name Secret lure on it and with a little padlock on the box. When ever I go fishing with someone new, and the conditions are correct, I pull it out. It is worth the measly five bucks to see the look on my companions faces and hear their comments. Once you start fishing it everything changes. This is just another in a great line of innovation from Arbogast. I don't know why I questioned it for over two years before buying it. A buzz bait that floats! It also looks like something the grandkids left on the lawn. Thank you for over fifty years of quality products Arbogast and thank you to the other reviewers and tackle warehouse for the reasons to finally buy one.

From: Bill: Green Bay,WI

Comments: i got mine about a week ago. its awsome. i havent cought anything yet on it. but my brother n law missed a 9 pounder on his by not setting the hook. great bait all to gether though.

From: Colin: lusby MD usa

Comments: i just bought mine yesterday morning at a local dicks and didnt get to use it til after work lastnight at midnight. i tossed it out and fooled around with the retrieve pausing it every few feet and within the first 10 minutes of fishing i got 2 decent fish in the 2 lb range and even got 1 little guy that was maybe 3/4 lb soaking wet which amazes me that he though he could eat this thing seeing as how big it is . it has a double upturned hook that when at rest hang down in the water in a perfect hook up position and the belly has rattles in it. i love this lure but i will say there are a few downsides but i wouldnt let it deter you from trying it,1: it is heavy. it weighs 1oz so you need a stout rod and line to throw it.2: this isnt necessarily a bad thing but it makes hard for catch and release is that the hook up ratio is almost too god in the sense that the 2 bigger fish i cought were both hooked with both hook points directly threw the top lip in between the nostrils because of where the hook sits when you pause the lure it is very consistant hook ups but diffcult to unhook the fish as they almost always get both hooks to the face, the smaller bass i got on this lure had his tongue stapeled to the bottom of his mouth and the other hook threw the top lip somehow so i ended up splitting his tongue like a lizard to get the hook out and i felt horrible. all in all a great topwater bait especially for night fishing but be aware it is heavy and cumbersome as well as difficult to remove from the fishes face after hook up. i would recomend to anyone

From: Jon: worcester, ma

Comments: I fished the Rat, You can cast long but you should use braid for the long hook sets. At the end of the cast you have to drag on the reel with your thumb so the line straightens out - If you don't, I found that the line can get caught around the shaft at the buzz blade. I caught some on the lure for the short time fishing it. A heavy plug that makes bubbles due to the Air holes in the buzz blade and it does float.

From: Earl: Medford, MA USA

Comments: I got mine yesterday - this thing is pretty cool.  I am not generally a fan of Arbogast lures as them seem so "1970's", however this thing looks cool, and I can't wait to tie it on and see the action.

From: Peter: Cleveland Ohio

Comments: I sometimes like to use so-called "oldschool baits" just to remember good old days. So, when I found that Arbogast made a new product, I jumped onto it. This bait is pretty big - almost a size of pingpong ball - funny looking. If you are sick of throwing a frog, this might be your choice. It has a frog hook to avoid getting grass, btw.

From: Jade: SoCal

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Arbogast Buzz Plug

6 Available Colors

  • Black
    Size Stock Qty
    Jr. 5+
    Standard 5+
  • Coach Dog
    Size Stock Qty
    Jr. 2
    Standard 5+
  • Fire Tiger
    Size Stock Qty
    Jr. 5+
    Standard 5+
  • White Belly
    Size Stock Qty
    Standard 5+
  • Perch
    Size Stock Qty
    Jr. 5+
    Standard 5+
  • Rat
    Size Stock Qty
    Jr. 10/16
    Standard 5+

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