Ardent Reel Bearing Lube - $8.29

Ardent Reel Butter Bearing Lube utilizes the latest in lubrication engineering technology. Unlike graphite-based lubrication, Ardent Reel Bearing Lube does not contain tiny graphite particles that contribute to bearing noise and performance issues. Ardent Reel Bearing Lube is 100% synthetic, providing super smooth additives that keep bearings running smoother, longer. It penetrates deep into ball bearings and roller bearings for a complete flush of dirt and foreign debris, as well as, thorough lubrication. Ardent Reel Butter Bearing Lube provides maximum lubrication and corrosion protection for all bearing applications.

The convenient 1 oz. bottle will easily fits in your tackle box. The Pin-Point Applicator Tip ensures Ardent Reel Butter Bearing Lube can get into those hard to reach areas of your reel.

Made in the USA

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Ardent Reel Bearing Lube

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Ardent Reel Bearing Lube $8.29

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