Arkie U-Bolt Finesse Jig Head 3pk

Offering a unique finesse presentation, the Arkie U-Bolt Jig Head is more than just your standard ball head jig. It comes equipped with a u-shaped wire loop or U-Bolt, which loosely attaches the hook to the jig head. This allows the hook and your favorite finesse worm to move with incredible freedom, generating additional action and providing a more natural presentation. If you use a naturally buoyant bait, the U-Bolt configuration allows the bait to float up the entire time you are working it along the bottom - not just when at rest. Available in multiple sizes, the Arkie U-Bolt Jig Head adds another dimension to finesse fishing.

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Arkie U-Bolt Finesse Jig Head 1/16 $1.99 5+
Arkie U-Bolt Finesse Jig Head 1/8 $1.99 5+
Arkie U-Bolt Finesse Jig Head 1/4 $1.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The description is right on! These jig heads are perfect for finesse fishing, as the worm moves naturally; have caught really big bass on this jig with a trick worm.


Comments: A friend of mine recommended these. I used the 1/8th ounce for fishing very shallow wood for largemouth. They performed great and caught around 15 on the first day using them. I would highly recommend.

From: Scott: Irmo, SC 4/13/14

Comments: Although the price may seem right on these baits,   the design (unless they recently changed it) sucks.  The wire doesn't connect back to itself inside the lead head. This allows the wire with the hook on it to separate from the lead leaving the angler with just a ball of lead with no hook and no fish.

From: Jeff: Osage Beach, MO

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