BANG Fish Attractant 5oz Aerosol Spray

BANG Fish Attractant 5oz Aerosol Spray

BANG Fish Attractant's unique rendering process uses live bait to produce highly concentrated, natural oils of the most prevalent forage species. No other fish attractant borrows so much from Mother Nature. BANG Fish Attractant gives anglers the edge by drawing fish in and encouraging them to hold onto the bait longer. It is also specially formulated for slow, even dispersion and longer lasting lubrication. Available in a variety of scents, BANG Fish Attractant contains no CFC's and is ozone friendly!

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
BANG Fish Attractant 5oz Aerosol Spray Anise $6.99 5+
BANG Fish Attractant 5oz Aerosol Spray Combo Craw/Shad $6.99 5+
BANG Fish Attractant 5oz Aerosol Spray Crawfish $6.99 5+
BANG Fish Attractant 5oz Aerosol Spray Garlic $6.99 5+
BANG Fish Attractant 5oz Aerosol Spray Pure Craw $6.99 5+
BANG Fish Attractant 5oz Aerosol Spray Shad $6.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Whooo doggie. Wal Mart wants 8.50 a can these days. Save your cheddar and buy it here. Make sure the wind is blowing right at your non boater before coats them nicely, giving you a great laugh and them something else to whine about.

From: Jay6: USA 11/5/14

Comments: Bought it on the 4th of July sale and I really believe in it now / going to explore other scents / I have only used the garlic / and hey it also, gives a nice kick to those boring sandwiches that I have to choke down during the day on the lake.

From: Sam: CA 9/4/14

Comments: I have used BANG going on twenty years,great attractant,great cover spray.Cant tell you how many people I have turned on to this,boost my confidence and if you try it your hooked too.

From: Keith: Salem, VA

Comments: Best ever by far period. Some say since its oil based it bleeds off the bait and you have to re-spray every 20-30 cast . . . exactly thats what I want an attractant that bleeds off the bait and leaves a scent trail.

From: Andy: Columbus, Ohio

Comments: I have been using this in the garlic scent for a couple years now and it works great. It's easy to spray on and I never leave without when fishing a tournament.

From: Chris: Austin, TX

Comments: this is a great product. i've used it since it came on the market. the craw is my fav.

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: Not a bad scent. The aerosol is much easier to use, just watch where the wind is blowing so it wont go all over you, your console, non boater, etc.

From: Meatwad: Stankonia

Comments:  easy to use very effective for jig baits love the product

From: Rich: Wallingford, CT

Comments: This spray totally changes the game when jig fishing. Usually, i have bass nudging my trailer on the jig, but with this spray, they take a sniff from behind, and bite like crazy! Definately a must have when fishing jigs

From: Trenton: Ocala, FL

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