BOSS Brent Ehrler Shakey Head 4pk - $4.99

FLW Tour standout and Tackle Warehouse pro staffer, Brent Ehrler, has hit it out of the park with the new Boss Brent Ehrler Shakey Head. Boasting a whopping 1-1/2" hook gap (compared to a standard shakey head’s hook gap of 3/4"), he was able to greatly increase its hook-up percentage over traditional shaky heads.

Boss and Ehrler also eliminated the old screw style keeper, giving the Boss Brent Ehrler Shakey Head an open hook configuration for fewer missed bites - period.  The new bait keeper is easier to rig as well without destroying your bait, and it holds your favorite soft plastics more securely - so they last longer. Get the pro advantage with the Boss Brent Ehrler Signature Series Shakey Head.

-An Open Hook = More Hook-Ups
-Holds Plastics Better & Longer
-Easy To Install Without Destroying The Bait
-Better Hook-Up Percentage
-Open Hook Technology

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BOSS Brent Ehrler Shakey Head 4pk

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  • Black
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