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BOSS Gary Klein Heavy Cover Jig Head 4pk - $5.99

The BOSS Gary Klein Heavy Cover Jig Head offers several features that make it one of the most versatile jigs on the market today. The Gary Klein Heavy Cover Jig Head offers a recessed tie, allowing the jig to be fished in heavy cover while limiting hang ups. The jig's head design creates an upright rotation upon hook set, this leads to a high percentage of hook ups in the upper part of the fish's mouth. The Gary Klein Heavy Cover Jig Head is backed with a beefy custom run, 5/0 round bend Mustad hook, this hook is only available in the BOSS Jig line. A top grade weedguard is secured, remember not all jig weedguards are the same. All BOSS jig heads feature an unmatched custom 5 step paint job.

For more tips and tricks on rigging skirts check out this video of Gary Klein discussing BOSS Skirting

If you are looking for any skirt material to customize your jigs, don’t forget to check out Skirts Unlimited Skirting Material.

Comments: Best jig head I've tried to date! They are a compact design and the quality is second to none. After a long weekend of fishing steep rocking back on Kentucky Lake, the jig head's paint is wore but not chipped at all. Also, I'm continually impressed at how weedless these jig heads are, they handle both wood and rock remarkably well. Having said that, the weed guards on these jigs are stout and as a result, you may want to remove a couple strands but I have always fished them "as is" and I haven't had any hook-up issues whatsoever. If you make your own jigs, I'd give these jig heads a try.

From: Eric: Nashville, TN 5/19/14

Comments: These jig heads are the ticket! I use the 3/4oz for punching mats and the 1/2oz for timber and grass edges. The jig slides through any cover imaginable! Great weedguard! Great design! No way you can bend these hooks out! Its such a great buy with the BOSS skirts and I'm ordering more!

From: Curt: AL 5/15/14

Comments: Awesome jigs, now my go to for flippin n pitching. I fish reeds/cat tails and trees a lot and these will come right through anything. As with all jigs I split the weedguards and have no trouble keeping fish buttoned with these.

From: Jerru: TX

Comments: I absolutely love these! Such a simple design, with no odd angles for weeds to snag on, comes through cover so easily. Great, tough hook. Can't recommend them highly enough.

From: David: Atkinson, NH

Comments: got the in 1/2 oz light green pumpkin, and they are no joke for heavy cover! they have the heaviest weedguard ive ever had on a jighead. other than that the head shape comes through heavy cover very well but i had to trim the weedguard down a bit because it was just too tough for what i was trying to do with my jigs like lighter pitching and flipping.

From: Justin: Washington, D.C.

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BOSS Gary Klein Heavy Cover Jig Head 4pk

4 Available Colors

  • Black
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4 5+
    3/8 5+
    1/2 5+
    3/4 5+
  • Brown
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4 5
    3/8 3
    1/2 4
    3/4 5+
  • Dark Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4 5+
    3/8 2
    1/2 5+
    3/4 5+
  • Light Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Qty
    1/4 5+
    3/8 5
    1/2 5+
    3/4 4