Bac Rac Rod Rac Version 2 - $150.00

The Bac Rac Version 2 is made to accommodate new boat designs that have large motor set-backs and smaller rear decks. It features the same power-coated aluminum and EVA foam construction as it’s little brother - now with five slots for rods. This means the back-deck angler can now carry as many as 10 rods. And like the original, the Bac Rac Version 2 installs in seconds without fasteners of any kind as the right-angle flange holds the units in place under the rear hatch.

The Bac Rac Version 2 also comes with a stuff-sack, which can be used as a lunch bag, extra tackle bag or backpack.

Join the next generation of savvy anglers and use a Bac Rac Version 2, where tangles are a thing of the past and your expensive rods and reels are protected and ready to fish!

Dimensions: 17.5"L x 9"H 

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Bac Rac Rod Rac Version 2

2 Available Colors

  • Black
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Comments: WOW, very flimsy and not tall enough to clear sides. I tried to use just one, but the rod butts just did their own thing and tangled the tips. To bad they are used and bent a little bit or I would send them back.

From: Cory: TX 9/10/15

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