Bac Rac Rod Rac Version 2

The Bac Rac Version 2 is made to accommodate new boat designs that have large motor set-backs and smaller rear decks. It features the same power-coated aluminum and EVA foam construction as it’s little brother - now with five slots for rods. This means the back-deck angler can now carry as many as 10 rods. And like the original, the Bac Rac Version 2 installs in seconds without fasteners of any kind as the right-angle flange holds the units in place under the rear hatch.

The Bac Rac Version 2 also comes with a stuff-sack, which can be used as a lunch bag, extra tackle bag or backpack.

Join the next generation of savvy anglers and use a Bac Rac Version 2, where tangles are a thing of the past and your expensive rods and reels are protected and ready to fish!

Dimensions: 17.5"L x 9"H 

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are awesome and wish I had found them earlier this year.  I used them this past weekend with my fishing partner and for the first time I was able to grab a rod and instantly fish without having to untangle everything.  I had first used Rod Sox, but that solution also took time from my fishing.  We had some rough waters and also when we were on plane and rods properly strapped in, these things are GREAT!

From: Darrell: DFW Texas 12/3/16

Comments: These things are not flimsy and are tall enough to clear my 520C just fine These things are amazing. I own two of the version 2 models. 1 for the back of the boat for the my partner and then I use another one for the front of the boat to keep my rods off the deck and out of the way more during tournaments. They are solid and no fear of me losing a rod when they are strapped down. These are way better than using the retractable rod straps that come on modern bass boat decks.

From: Brian: Chicago, IL 10/10/15

Comments: WOW, very flimsy and not tall enough to clear sides. I tried to use just one, but the rod butts just did their own thing and tangled the tips. To bad they are used and bent a little bit or I would send them back.

From: Cory: TX 9/10/15

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