The Bandit Series 700 Crankbaits feature a unique weight transfer system and nose design. The unique weight transfer feature provides improved casting and retrieval. When cast, weight is transferred to the lure's tail area – greatly reducing wind resistance as the bait "torpedoes" on longer casts. The weight then shifts to the nose on retrieval, causing the lure to dive quickly – keeping it in the deeper strike zone longer. The unique nose design enhances easy cranking and produces a tight action. All Bandit Lures are guaranteed to run true right out of the box.

Bandit Length Weight Dive Depth Class Series 700 3" 7/8oz 14-18ft. Floating

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: another newer Bandit that just doesnt do it for me. I fished this in a farm lake where we whacked em on the DD22 and SK Series 6. Not a damn thing on the Bandit 700.

From: Meatwad: bummin on bandit

Comments: There is a reason the colors have not been updated... THEY CATCH FISH!!! try some of the colors you think you would catch fish on, and throw this bait. You will catch fish!!

From: Officer Farve

Comments: This is one of my favorite deep diving cranks.  The flat head seems to act as part of the lip, allowing the lip to not be ridiculously huge.  It has nice action and has produced some nice fish for me.  As I have written in my other "bandit" comments, I hate the color patters.  They are so plain and do not seem to have been updated since the 70's.  I like the Chart Shad, out side of that, terrible.  I will say in the 250 - some nice new patterns.  Also it seems there are other new color options in the other sizes that look good too. Update these colors and I would buy more of these.  LOVE the action - great durable lure. HATE the colors.  Spring is almost here

From: Pete: Cleveland, Ohio

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