BasStar Spintech Rotating Treble Hooks 4pk

BasStar Spintech Rotating Treble Hooks 4pk

BasStar introduce the Worlds First Rotating Treble Hook (SpinTech) the result of years of extensive research and engineering. The SpinTech Treble Hook reduces the chances of losing fish that spit out the hook. When hooked, fish are known to fight aggressively, subjecting the lure and hook through a lot of stress.

Typical treble hooks attached to lures suffer limited range in angular rotation. In effect, they lock up in multiple positions and experience unnecessary leverage and torque that pry hooks out of fish's mouths. SpinTech's unique ability to rotate infinitely in either direction eliminates the locking problem completely. BasStar SpinTech hooks reposition themselves with the changing momentum of struggling fish. Simply put, SpinTech improves positive hook set and provides more fluid control over fish, no matter how hard they fight.

SpinTech Treble hooks are constructed with the line tie pin dropping directly down the center of the treble hook, so they remain balanced on any lure or bait and promote maximum performance.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great hook for adding to an Owner twistlock weighted swimbait hook. I rig a Skinney Dipper on the Owner CPS weighted hook and tie braid to the eye then to the Spintech hook. I run the eye of the Spintech over the Owner main hook and bury one of the trebles into the bait. Perfectly aligns and runs true and in open water seldom miss any fish. They either get just the treble or the main hook and the treble hook. I use the 5/0 Owner 1/8OZ CPS Twistlock hook and the #4 Spintech treble with any braid to tie together. Use in on the Little Dipper mostly.

From: Raleigh: Surprise, AZ 10/10/14

Comments: They seem to work as advertised at first but after a short amount of time they begin to rust and that does away with the whole "spinning" idea. Spend your money on some Owner 2x trebles and put larger split rings on to diminish fish lost to twisting torque.

From: Scott: NM

Comments: Yes there are few reviews and the companies website isnt working, hmmm i think they went bankrupt.  They spin, i say that but they are junk.  They are too heavy, a crankbait wont float with them on, a topwater popper turns into a bobber, nothing runs true with these hooks.  Gamakatsu are the best, dont waste money on this crap, and this website dont even have any info on the company, that tells you something right there. 

From: Tom: Hartland, WI

Comments:  The hooks worked as they say, completely eliminating the torque created by heavy lures and split rings.  Nevertheless, they have a problem.  The hooks are soft, too soft. I lost a large fish on the jump when the treble straightened out.  I then noticed I had to straighten every hook after I unhooked fish. I don't know why someone would think that hooks would spin out of the way, but I do know what a straightened hook looks like. Good try by SpinTeck, and if they harden their hooks after the welding process, then I want to be the first on the list to try them again.

From: Steve: Spokane Village, WA

Comments: I was excited about these but let down . I put them on a popper and missed every bass that slammed it 8 that day. I think the hook spins away when hit !!

From: Steve: Waller, TX

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