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BassTEK Tungsten Flipping Jigs Heads UnSkirted 3pk - $10.50 to $16.50

The BassTEK Tungsten Unskirted Flipping Jigs offer many advantages over traditional lead jigs. For one, you can add your favorite custom fish-catching skirts for your own fish catching creations, and their compact 95% tungsten composition allows them to slide through grass and cover much easier than bulky lead jigs. Because tungsten is much harder than lead, they also provide added sensitivity which helps you detect differences in cover and structure more easily. The premium coatings on the heads also stand up to repeated abuse and hold their color longer. Equipped with extra strong Mustad 60-degree Black Nickel Hooks (3/8oz - 4/0; 1/2oz, 3/4oz - 5/0), the BassTEK Unskirted Flipping Jigs were designed by two hardcore bass fisherman to be the best on market - period.

3 per pack

Comments: It's interesting that lead bullet weights have become obsolete with tungsten on the market...yet there aren't many raving about this product. These jigs possess all the great characteristics of a tungsten weight...yet you can fish the most productive bait of all time on them. I've been using them for about 7 months, and have yet to have a single failure of any component, and the paint is even top notch. As Steve stated below...these jig heads are 100% worth the money for tournament situations. For those worried about losing a $5 jig, I actually have lost very few of them due to the increased sensitivity when pulling through gnarly cover. Get some and put them to work, and you will be a believer.

From: Ben: NE

Comments: Terrific jig.  High quality tungsten and stout hook. As mentioned in another review, the collars are more pronounced than shown in the picture and will firmly secure trailer and skirt.  Have really enjoyed the enhanced sensitivity for feeling structure, cover and the bite.  Well worth it and recommended.   

From: Don: Tulsa, OK

Comments: I am big fan of these.  I believe the hooks are 5/0 or at least they appear to be in the ones I have gotten.  They have a wide gap and are very stout.  Skirt collar is more pronounced on the ones I got as well.  Weedguards seem to be not too soft, not too stiff but need just a little trimming off the end to me.  I can feel a noticeable difference in sensitivity with the tungsten head verses lead around wood, rock and harder bottoms.  I save them for tournament fishing when I want the most I can get in sensitivity. Are they worth the money?  For me in tournament situation...YES.

From: Steve: Auburn, AL

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BassTEK Tungsten Flipping Jigs Heads UnSkirted 3pk

3 Available Colors

  • Black
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3/8 2 $10.50
    1/2 5+ $12.00
    3/4 1 $16.50
  • Brown
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3/8 5+ $10.50
    1/2 2 $12.00
    3/4 5+ $16.50
  • Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3/8 5+ $10.50
    1/2 5+ $12.00
    3/4 5+ $16.50