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BASS ANGLER - the fishing magazine designed to help you "Catch More Bass."

Winter 2016 - In this issue, we follow the migration routes of the giant cold water bass, Randall Tharp breaks down shallow cranking, Todd Faircloth covers the ins and outs of drop shotting, Mike Delvisco shows us using heavy metal will get you a few more bass this winter. You'll learn why bass eat yellow perch, how to recover from a bad tournament day, see the answers behind Scott Martin's success and what it's like at a Japanese tournament plus 20 more great stories.

Bass Angler covers the latest seasonal tips, techniques and tactics from the world’s best anglers - broken down in an easy to understand format so every angler can now fish like a pro.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Just grabbed a copy of this magazine and was blown away by the vegetation article

From: Bill: Tampa, FL 3/31/15

Comments: Bass Angler Magazine is one of the best angling magazines on the market, and definitely the top Bass specific magazine. Articles are timely, exceptionally written, and contains some of the best supporting articles around. Regardless of  your angling ability, BAM will help you catch more fish

From: Daniel: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Comments: I love bass fishing and I get ALL the magazines. Most of them, while still great, have a lot of repeat information from year to year. Bass Angler Magazine is more than: use this bait, that rod and this line. It's the how and why, the stuff you didn't even know you needed to know. I've learned about sunscreen, what fish really see, how to practice for a tournament or even be a better co-angler. The magazine is thick with content and thin with ads. Since I first set my eyes upon BAM, I could see it was a different magazine. I happen upon an issue one day and read it from cover to cover. The next day I subscribed for two years. As I write this I am preparing my renewal for another two.

From: Jim: Trafford, PA

Comments: Excellent magazine-one of the best if not The Best.--Okay it IS the Best.

From: Robert: Warren, MI

Comments: I have been reading magazines about bass fishing for 30 years and Bass Angler Magazine is the best I have read hands down!

From: Scott: Portland, Oregon

Comments: Great magazine! Always full of interesting articles and product reviews. Great job BAM!

From: Jim: Ontario, Canada

Comments: Two thumbs up!  This is one of the best bass fishing magazines out there.  Lots of west coast info.  Money well spent, high quality, you will not be disappointed. 

From: Luke: Turlock, CA

Comments: Very deatailed articles and absolutely one of the most informative mags I have read.

From: Warren: Dallas, GA

Comments: This is great magazine for the serious bass angler.  The content is current, relevant, and well presented.  I never miss it.

From: Bill: Oshawa

Comments: I personally have read just about every bass magazine on the market, and this one is head and shoulders above the rest! Very good information, and not to much advertisements. I keep all my back issues to reference when im struggling on the water. Just get one in your hands and read it and i promise you will find valuable information in it, and never let an issue pass you by!

Comments: Best magazine out there! Tons of articles, and straight to the point. No filler needed. Every issue has something for everyone. Just wish it came more than 4 times a year. Buy one issue and you'll be hooked!

From: Jay: Toronto, Ohio

Comments: I have bought every single magazine out there over the past 15 years and have subscribed to some. To be totally honest, I have cancelled all and no longer recieve them because in my opinion there is no better publication around. Informative to no degree with great photo's and love the fact your not reading every page and seeing an advertisement for this and that. I need good, up close valued info to become a better angler and bottom line this is the magazine. It's highly recommended by top pro's of the sport and that's all I need to share it everywhere I can from Maine to Florida. I would recommend it to every gas station, convienence store, grocery store and tackle shop around.

From: Dale: Haverhill, MA

Comments: This is the best Magazine out there for the Bass angler.  It's not another 60 page advertisement for Normark/Pure Fishing/Quantum.  It's actual science/experiences/unbaised articles with great photos, that I find myself going back to again and again.  Quality production as well!  I have some older issues with over 2 years of "bathroom" duty and still holding up. A great resource to keep around!

From: Weber: Northern Vermont, USA

Comments: Without a doubt the best bass fishing magazines you can buy.  The articles are true and pure, not fluff for sponsors like other magazines out there.  Loaded with articles and indepth insight into all aspects of the sport.  The one magazine I look forward to getting when it comes in!!!!

From: Brian: Cary, NC

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