Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700

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Built with 48 adjustable compartments, the Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 is as rugged as they come and offers anglers three distinct advantages over traditional stowaways. You can’t see into them, sunrays can’t penetrate them, and they’re virtually indestructible. The two-tone black and red design keeps super-secret lures out of sight, and away from the wandering eye of competitors. The coloring also keeps lures out of the sun, and prevents the fading or discoloration of expensive lures. The durability of the Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 has been extensively tested and is second-to-none. Built with a waterproof seal, and stainless steel hinges, the Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 is capable of handling whatever fishing conditions you may encounter. Eliminate cracked stowaways, damaged lures, and leaked secrets with the Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700.  

Dimensions: 8.5" x 14.25" x 2"

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best Box for Terminal Tackle. Nothing rusts, tiny hooks don't spill over into the other compartments and I've put it to the test in rough water out here in Texas. My boxes are stacked vertically and nothing spills over to the other slots. This box is going to save you some money in the long run.

From: H B: Houston, Texas 11/9/16

Comments: This box is awesome! I bought this in hopes of finding a box that wouldn't warp when soft plastics are kept inside it. I found everything I wanted in this box. It is intensely Durable & has great construction.

From: Spencer: Lilburn, GA 7/11/16

Comments: I too had one of the latches break on the 3700. There is know issue with the latches but overall a great box. Built like a tank. Contacted the company & they immediately sent replacement latches with no problem. I agree, for the price the boxes should come with better latches but at least the company stands behind their product.

From: Phatbass: FL 6/20/16

Comments: Wonderful box! Only issue is after some time the lid closures break. I use this box as a terminal tackle box and of course I'm in the thing multiple times per trip. For the price we pay for this box, the lid closures should be better quality. Sent the company an email and they didn't even reply. Excellent box, just need to improve the closures.


Comments: I bough two of these they are great but on one of them one of the box buckles broke off right in the middle they are perfect except for that really good for terminal tackle


Comments: Built like a tank, definitely the best option for terminal tackle in my opinion. Keeps everything where it's supposed to be and can be fully customized to your specific needs. the ONLY issue that that I have with my two boxes is that about half of the dividers came warped which was really disappointing considering how much you pay for the box, other then that it is a great box & that shouldn't put you off from ordering it!

From: Ron: Milwaukee, WI 1/27/16

Comments: Great box!! Keep all 32 of my Megabass lures in here. Everything from 110s, jrs, shading x, bait x, anthrax, v3, giant dog x, smolt, all my deep x, griffon zero, and a few others. nothing gets in or out if you dont want it to. is expensive but highest quality you can find. only issue ive had is the water proofing strip comes out every now and again.

From: Kevin: OH 6/16/15

Comments: Best Terminal Tackle Box out there right now. No sliding around or anything. Everything stays where you put it. Box doesn't flex from weight in it either creating gaps like the thinner Planos do. If you're looking for the best terminal box, this is it.

From: Ryan: WA 3/10/15

Comments: Hands down the best terminal tackle box made. I used to use the falcon boxes, which are smaller and I always had to carry 2 to accomodate my terminal tackle and jig heads. And that box is not waterproof. Yes, the box is heavy but what terminal tackle box is not heavy? And to book, it is made obviously to take a beating. The locks are a little hard to close at times, but mine are brand new and just breaking in.  HIGHLY recommend this box. 

From: Bill: Windham, NH 7/14/14

Comments: Nice boxes, have the 3700 and the deep. Should be noted these weigh much more than a standard Plano/Flambeau type box. Might be a consideration for the folks who like to keep weight down when packing their boats. Also a big thank you to TW customer service. The 3700 I oredered came in with incorrect dividers in the back, caused the lid to be off a bit, and would not stay locked in. They swapped it out seamlessly.

From: Dtrs5kprs: Lansing, KS

Comments: Great Box---Need a 3600 size.

From: Eric: Council Bluffs, Iowa USa

Comments: Great box for a wide range of tackle like shakey heads and jigs. 

From: Mark: St. Louis

Comments: As stated, great box. I wish they would make a smaller box like the 3701 size. The 2" deep box is great for hard baits, however creates to much wasted space for other storage options. Well worth the money for you sniveling tight wads.

From: stein3411: Bellingham, WA

Comments: As said in prior reviews, best box for terminal tackle. A little pricy, but you pay for what you get. In this case, a great box. As always great customer service from Tackle Warehouse. Will be purchasing a couple of deep coffins.

From: Brian: Lafayette, LA

Comments: Best box for terminal tackle. Biggest upside is the dividers are all the way secured so nothing slips under. Bass mafia knows what they are doing solid box.

From: Ricky: IL

Comments: Ya, they are expensive. But man are they built strong! No twisting, warping etc. Excellent for storing my terminal tackle, jig heads, everything. Gonna have to get the deeper one next.

From: Rusty: Quincy, IL

Comments: Nice box that seem to combine great design with durability and it works great for baits, just don't buy it for terminal tackle. All the compartment separators do not fit snug against the bottom which allows smaller items to move around freely. Going to fix mine up and glue it all together.

From: Stephen

Comments: box is the best!! If you got baits that you dont want the weather or water into you need to get some. they will truly be the last boxs you buy

From: Phillip: TX

Comments: Baddest Box on the Planet!! Well worth the money for a box that will last a lifetime! I was concerned at first after hearing all the hype and the price but now im sold!! I will be buying several more and replace all of my boxes!

From: John: Conway, AR

Comments: This box is great, just wish it was about $10 cheaper.

From: Chris: Moosic, PA

Comments: Not worth the money. Would make a great 10 to 15 dollar box. Seems very durable and well made.

From: Jeff: Talbott, TN

Comments: The best storage box on the market.Nothing else comes close to these.You will never have to purchase another tackle system period.Thanks,Bass Mafia and TackleWarehouse.

From: Dean: Winnsboro, SC

Comments: I have 6 of these and love them. I forgot my jig box on the back of my boat. I got on I40 and just happened to see it bounce into the median. It had at lease 30 jigs in it I got turned around found the box it was unopened and not broke. Definately the toughest box ever!!!!!!!!!!

From: Josh: Knoxville, TN

Comments: I was skeptical at first on this box because of the price. However this box is the deal! Glad to see warehouse picked it up. I will never own another box and will be getting many more! Thank you Bass Mafia!

From: Marty: Dallas

Comments: I just received my coffins an they are simply the best box on the planet!! You will never have to buy another box after you buy these. They are truly simply the best

From: Robby: London, AR

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