Basstrix Spintrix Trailers 3pk

Basstrix Spintrix Trailers 3pk

The Basstrix Spintrix Trailer's realistic finish and natural swimming undulation is the reason why these baits are in high demand. A joint effort by Blade-Runner Tackle and Basstrix Lures has produced the ultimate underspin bait. Spintrix Trailers and Blade Runner Spintrix Underspin Heads are a perfect marriage to produce more flash and vibration than any other underspin combination. The Basstrix Spintrix Trailers have the same corresponding lengths as the the Basstrix Paddle Tails.

Blade-Runner Spintrix Underspin Heads

Length Quantity
4" 3
5" 3
6" 3
7" 3

18 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bait works everywhere theirs any type of bait fish. you just have to figure out what dept there in. I have caught them from 1 foot to 50 feet. burning it or slow rolling.

From: Todd: San Dimas, CA 6/19/16

Comments: They match up well with the Revenge Swimbait Hedz. One thing I noticed is the 5" are quit small & seem to be more like 4". I realize they are missing the head section but still seam quite smaller in body size overall than most 5" paddle tale swimbaits. Great product though and would definitely recommend.

From: Adam: WA 5/18/16

Comments: Just received a pack of 5" in perch color. Very disappointed with the quality of patterning. Color fades a lot on the stripes. Nothing like the picture. Stay away from this color.

From: Mark: IN 5/7/16

Comments: The 5 inch matched with a 3/8 ounce spintrix head. Perfection! Remember to be great u have to think outside the box.  

From: J1: USA 3/29/14

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