Beast Coast Tungsten & Tackle Miyagi Swimmer

Beast Coast Tungsten & Tackle Miyagi Swimmer

Beast Coast's MIYAGI Swimmer is designed to be one of most versatile baitfish imitators on the market. Pedal-powered pouring pots assist with the hand pouring process, allowing for lifelike non-linear color layering. Also designed with a hook slot that deepens toward the middle of the bait to help its hookup ratio, the MIYAGI swimmer will perform wonders on the back of a swim jig, on a swimming-style jig head, and of course, on a weighted EWG swimbait hook.

A proprietary-scented, floating plastic compound is also used in production, which allows the MIYAGI to generate a deadly tail kick at extremely slow speeds and also allows it to last through several fish. Available in a range of proven colors, custom 3D eyes and baitfish detailing round out one epic swimbait. The Beast Coast MIYAGI Swimmer has arrived.

Length Quantity
4.75" 3

8 Colors

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