Berkley Gulp Sinking Minnow 5" 10pk

Berkley Gulp Sinking Minnow 5
Berkley Gulp! was developed for the needs of everyday fishermen and tournament anglers alike. Gulp! bridges the gap between artificial baits and live bait and independent tests demonstrate that Gulp! gets bit more than live bait in the field. Berkley Gulp! Is a revolutionary new bait that is 100% biodegradable using only natural ingredients and disperses scent an incredible 400 times more efficiently that comparable plastic baits producing a scent trail that bass will follow and will trigger them to strike. The water based, non-plastic formula of Gulp! allows the bait to breakdown in the water or in a bass' stomach so there is no danger to your lake or the fish.

Berkley Gulp! Sinking Minnows are a soft stick bait, Senko style lure that features a fish-shaped head. These baits are relatively stiff when they come out of the package but loosen up considerably after a few casts. The Sinking Minnows are not as heavy as the original Senko so they have a different fall rate and action.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The Sinking Minnow works pretty good. I highly recommend putting them in a good ziplock freezer bag after opening. These baits can dry out in the factory bag and become stiff losing their action.

From: JD: USA 7/2/15

Comments: Suprised by all the negative comments...these are my go-to for a wacky rig. Like most baits they will tear easy when wacky rigged so I use the O rings. Great bait, work better than senkos for me. Worth $6 to try 'em.

From: Keith: Winchester, VA

Comments: Regardless of the other bad reviews, these are the best stick worms for wacky rigs I have ever used. They have just as much action as a senko but leave a scent trail like no other. I seem to catch lots of bass and bigger bass anytime I use these.

From: Jesse: WV

Comments: Garbage...These baits have no action what so ever. Its like fishig with a stick. Personaly dont think they are orth the money.

From: Jared: Ventura, CA

Comments: Texas rigged this bait is very productive. The attractant seems to does the trick along with a profile the bass love (Pumpkinseed). It has caught me dozens of 2-4lb bass and the lunkers love them too. Only down side is Gulp needs to figure out a way keep them from ripping so easily. Urge you to toss this bait where ever bass are.

From: Nick: Round Lake, IL

Comments: Zero action when rigged whacky.  The Gulp material just isn't supple enough for a bait like this.  Pretty much useless.  I wouldn't even waste a single cast with one of these so I just tossed out the pack I had.

From: Gilbert: Ontario, Canada

Comments: The green pumpkin is my go to bait at all times of the year.  I have better luck with this bait when it is used wacky rigged.  The down side to this bait is that it falls apart very easally but they work.

From: Ben Dover: IN

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