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Berkley PowerBait Attractant 8oz Bass - $4.49

Increase any bait's fish catching power - Berkley PowerBait Bass Attractantis scientifically formulated to stimulate strikes in otherwise inactive fish. The exclusive liquid scent and flavor formula masks offensive odors and creates a scent trail to attract fish. The handy 8-oz. Berkley PowerBait Bass Attractant squeeze bottle is also fast, neat, and easier to use.

Fish hold on 18-times longer!

Comments: Been using this for years. When I score a new bag of plastics, I put some in and let em marinate. Get crazy... add some glitter and some garlic KnB, and a little bit of salt. POW-AH!

From: Meatwad

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Berkley PowerBait Attractant 8oz Bass

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Berkley PowerBait Attractant 8oz Bass $4.49 5+

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