Big Bite Baits Dean Rojas - WarMouth 4pk

Big Bite Baits Dean Rojas - WarMouth 4pk

The Big Bite Baits Warmouth is a signature bait from Big Bite pro staffer and Elite Series veteran pro, Dean Rojas. Rojas recently used the Warmouth to log a 3rd place finish in the 2010 BASS Elite Series Event on Smith Mountain Lake, an 8th at the 2011 FLW Event on Lake Okeechobee, and he also used it to pluck enough big fish off beds to win wire-to-wire at the 2011 Bassmaster Elite Series Event on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

Your first thought might be swimbait, but Dean designed the Warmouth to be fished in a much different style. Dean fishes the Warmouth Texas-rigged, but he rigs it on the flat side rather than vertically. This gives it a unique profile and action on the fall that imitates a bluegill or baitfish. The legs and body design allow the bait to be fished sideways without spinning on the fall, giving it a natural gliding action. Also, when worked along the bottom, the WarMouth resembles a bluegill feeding on its side with its tail kicking up, making it a killer sight fishing bait. The subtle kicking action of the legs also make it a great swim jig trailer. Designed to be fished with an extra wide gap worm hook, three ridges molded into the flat side of the body let you skin hook the point to make it weedless and allows for better hook penetration. Available in several proven color combinations, the Big Bite Baits Warmouth is now available at Tackle Warehouse.

Length Quantity
3.5" 4

14 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: hands down awesome bait. I wish they were more durable. I only catch one fish per bait. I like to rig it on a 4/0 hook with a 1/2 bullet weight & hop it along the bottom. you wont catch quality often but you'll catch quantity.


Comments: I personally haven't had problems with the eyes falling out or the durability. I like to rig them on a shakey head & fish them sorta like a swimming worm or a fluke. Great lures 

From: Hunter: Pascagoula, MS 2/18/16

Comments: Hands down best bed fishing bait I've ever used. Flat out catches fish. Caught a 7, 2 6s, and 2 5s on Lake Norman. Almost 30 pounds on that lake is unheard of! It can be hard to get those big ones to bite, but they crushed this thing within 20 minutes of being on each bed. Can't say enough good things about this bait.

From: Bill: NC 10/27/14

Comments: Most people seem to only fish these prespawn, but i have been fishing them this summer with great success... fish them similar to a wacky rig, let it fall, then twitch them up 2 or 3 times, let it fall again... i fish from the bank and cast as well as pitch these, both work. i fish it weightless, but that is just me... eyes falling out does not matter, especially if it is only one... you can also drag them along the bottom, they come through vegetation quite well... only bad thing is they arent all that durable, but they are no worse than you average plastic, and the strikes these things draw might explain that.

From: Russell: Dallas, TX 8/14/14

Comments: I love the action on these suckers. Have been using the watermelon red ghost for pitching heavy cover at falcon lake. I've herd of some people having trouble with the eyes falling off, but just takes a couple drops of mend it on the eyes straight out of the pack and problem solved...good luck out there on

From: Chito: RGC, TX 6/20/14

Comments: Bought these to try something differnt at the local water. Fish really well I like the glideing action on the fall with a texas rig. casting this bait along ways to a small target needs a lot of luck it tends to fly in the wind do to desighn. However it is a grate bait and trigered a few finicky fish when sinkos werent working.

From: Bank Angler: Shando CA

Comments: I'm loving this bait! i have gotten 6 bass off beds with one so far and it lost an eye but I think it will catch some more. here's the trick. rig with a bullet weight, I use a 3/16 oz. peg it on some fluro with a 3/0 EWG and you're good to go. pitch it out past the bed and very slowly twitch/crawl it onto the bed, then when the bass turns around to look at it just shake it. If that doesnt catch em try a wacky rig.

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: I am using this bait this spring(2013)for  spawning bass and let me tell you, it's a killer, I rig it on a J rig and works really good.The tail shakes with just about any little movement of the rod tip and it drives the bass nuts,it will not last too many hits but mend it glue works like magic on this bait,caught @ 18 lbs. of fish today on this little devil.Great bait so far!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments: Sorry, folks, but i'm with kevin on this one.  I'm a big fan of big bite soft plastics, but not this one.  Never even got bit with this bait.  I agree, it'sa great concept, but they never panned out for me.  Sold them all on ebay this winter.

From: Dan: WV

Comments: HOLY CRAP! this bait is down right outstanding! if you can find the exact location of the fishes bed the bass will go nuts chomping it and trying to get it away, rig this with a 1/8 oz weight and go to town

From: Nick

Comments: great Idea but  they do not work for me . waste of money for me .

From: Kevin: East, KY

Comments: HOLY @#$^...Dean was right....rigged it the way he said, and BAM!!!! 10-23 on the WILD SHINER...awesome sight fishing bait, but I shouldve used a stouter 4/0 hook, and 20lb test instead of and learn....AWESOME!!!!

From: Roger: Ontario, CA

Comments: I found the best way to rig this baits is to use a 2/0 Gamakatsu octopus hook and nose hook the bait  throw it out and twitch it alittle and hold on the bass will hit hard and kill this bait ( green bluegill ) works for me .

From: Erik: IL

Comments: I haven't used these yet but from the good reviews I've read I excited to. I'm planning on rigging these up to flip around spawning areas. Can't wait!

From: Jake: OH

Comments: picked up 2 packs can't wait for spring to try them.  glad i read the reviews, now i know to reglue the eyes before launching the boat

From: Jeff: Jersey

Comments: A friend of mine left one in the chartreuse bluegill color without eyes, so I took it yesterday and caught 5 bass whit it before it was riped out of the hook, included an 8 pounder, that was the lunker of the day, and when I was recovering the plastic aftter a bad cast, 3 times I had followers, icluding one that jumped at the lure in the surface of the water... Incredible action of the tail, and yes the eyes don't last 2 casts..... I«m going to buy more!!!

From: Alejandro, Torreon, Coach, Mexico

Comments: Gonna buy a pack but just wanted to say something maybe a quick solution to the eyes falling off too easy just take them off before and gorilla glue them back on before you throw them in.

Comments: This little bait rocks. The bass love it. Eyes come off very easily, but other than that , they are awesome.

From: Chet: London, KY

Comments: Great bait used them for the first time yesterday and caught two nice 4 pound largemouths. Good swim action durable.

From: Mike: Dumfries, VA

Comments: Have only used is one time.  Looks great in the water, but as others have said...eyes fell of WAY too easily. For 5 bucks a bag, I Will go thru the bag and determine if it is worth it or not.

From: Dean: Charlotte, NC

Comments: Tried this bait out at a local pond and the bass loved this bait. one of them actually jumped out of the water to grab this bait. need to get me some more of these bass candy!

From: Larry: Costa Mesa, CA

Comments: great little bait, but the eyes fall off way to easy, other than that great bait...

From: David: Kentucky

Comments: This bait has helped me in so many ways i have found this bait effective i many ways wether it be topwater or bed fishing i have caught BIG bass both ways great job big bite bait teams.

From: Cody: Hilliard, FL

Comments: Great Bait, try it weightless and fish it like a fluke,Awesome.

From: Chad: Douglas, GA

Comments: Just tried this bait out for the first time to see what all the hype is about. At my local lake, bluegill and crawdads are the main forage for the bass. The warmouth gave the fish a new look and really helped me with a bigger bite. Texas rigged, they are perfect for imitating a struggling/dying bluegill.

From: Matt: IA

Comments: Mild Success at best so far during the summer months.  Spawn I hope that changes.

From: Ksbigbass

Comments: Ripped Open War Mouth, 7 Casts In & Went 2 War W/ A 6 Lb. LargeMouth...........

From: N: For Lake, IL

Comments: Good bait for pitching into openings and fish-holding spots. The first time I tried this bait, I flipped it underneath a tree while shorefishing. On the initial fall either a pike or large bass blew up on it and took me towards the shore and got off. Make sure you have your drag set. Next time I will use a baitcaster with this bait so I can thumb the drag tight.

From: JKhan: Chanhassen, MN

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