Big Bite Baits Swimming Jerk Minnow 10pk

Big Bite Baits Swimming Jerk Minnow 10pk

The Big Bite Baits Swimming Jerk Minnow features the body style and profile of the original Jerk Minnow - now with a paddle tail for an incredible kicking action. Constructed from a super soft plastic for easy swimming, rig the Swimming Jerk Minnow on a darter head jig, weighted swimbait hook or umbrella rig. An excellent choice for schooling bass or as a search tool when you are trying to locate fish, the Big Bite Baits Swimming Jerk Minnow is available in a variety of colors to match the forage in your local waters.

Length Quantity
4" 10
5" 10

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7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Excellent bait. I've got both sizes. Have been using the small size on a 1/16oz & 1/8oz vmc moon eye jig. Lake fork makes a great swim jig hook that would also work, but you would need the smaller 3/0 size for the smaller bait. I have been catching bass & walleye on the small size this spring. I will use the bigger size as the year goes along. They are soft but I have caught as many as 8 fish on one bait. Best thing is the price,cheap as compared to similar baits.

**UPDATE** 2/15/17

Sorry, I said a lake fork swim bait hook when I meant a Falcon swim bait hook. The tapered ends to the weight allow you to texas rig any swim bait without ripping the plastic. I like them better than screw locks which can pull out and ruin the head of the lure too fast.

From: Virgil: Green Bay, WI 5/25/16

Comments:  great bait for rigs like the kickback rig or carolina rig. caught many perch on it, even a 53 cm monster. fished in germany and netherlands.

From: Patrick: Germany 6/16/14

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