Bill Norman Speed Clips 10pk

Bill Norman Speed Clips 10pk
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The fastest and easiest device for attaching your lure to your fishing line, the Bill Norman Speed Clips are equipped with a circular design that allows your lure to run true and produce its intended action. Stainless steel and stronger than other snaps, the Bill Norman Speed Clips are also great with braided lines, and you only need one hand to attach them.

10 per pack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The people saying they have lost fish or lures must not be using them correctly. I have used them for 10+ years and have never lost a bait or fish due to clip failure. I have however caught myself not closing them completely and this will cause lost fish or lost baits. I have caught monster stripers (15lb+) while bass fishing with topwaters and never had a clip fail.   

From: Wes: Kentucky Lake 11/2/16

Comments: If I could use one word to discribe these it would be awesome! I've used them for many years without losing any lure due to the clip, I as well can't understand the comments about the clips failing after using them for so many years.

From: Richard: ME 3/8/15

Comments: These are great, I have used them for over 7 years, but there is a golden rule if you don't want to loose a lure. Make sure you attach to a split ring, this will never allow thin wire to works its way of off the clip. So when cranking or chatterbaits attach a split ring to the snap or hook tie and it will not fail you.

From: Peter: Alexandria, VA 5/20/14

Comments: Bought these after hearing good things and admit they are nice - small and easy to use. Tried them for the first time this weekend- all was going well and caught a few. Maybe my fault for not checking constantly, but I was not happy to lose a new lure on a cast - watched it go flying after slipping off clip! No damage to clip was evident, I guess lures can work their way in between clamps- so be careful....

From: Ric: NY 4/20/14

Comments: Great clips, made of heavy duty spring steel.Have never lost fish because of speed clips.

From: Tom: Oh 3/1/14

Comments:  I don't understand these people who say they have lost fish and broke clips. I have used these clips ever since they were put on the market. They are very durable and they give your lures more freedom to do what they are supposed to do. They really work great on lipless crank baits and top water lures. Give them a try, they are not that expensive, and I think you will love them.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: Looks too simple to use you say well think again sometimes simplicity rules all.  These are the best clips out there by far no lost fish or lures ever, but I only use them for cranks, jerkbaits, and topwater plugs.

From: Andy: WI

Comments: I have used these since they hit the market and have never lost a lure or a fish as a direct result of the clip!The only people that have problems with these are people that don't check them as you would a knot or use them for something they are not designed for ! Spinnerbaits  can be used with the clip if it is a closed eye bait! This clip will perform great with anything that has a split ring on it!I have won several tournaments with a rattle bait using this clip!

From: Shane: GA

Comments: Great Clip...never lost a fish and gives a crankbait a lot of movement

From: Bud: Crockett, TX

Comments: Don't use it ! I lost a 3-4KG fish last week! Fought the fish to the shore & all a sudden the clips just broke, still have a pix of the broken clips on my iPhone :-(!!!

From: Derrick: Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Comments: I've used a very wide selection of snaps, including expensive Japanese models before giving these a try. Wow! Fast and easy to change lures (even when your fingers are stiff from the cold), nothing sticking out to grab weeds, strong as Hulk! My search for the perfect snap is over! 

From: Fishingelbow: Quebec, Canada

Comments: A fried who fishes saltwater turned me on to these. They catch fish in excess of 100 pounds wile using these clips. I have never had any problem with one. To me i am getting more topwater bites with these. my lures just seem to have a better action with them. also, used these jerk rattle traps out of the grass all day long. clip never showed any sign of weakening. Great Product!

From: Bill: Lakeland, FL

Comments: These are great! After 3 years of use and thousands of casts i have never seen one fail. The only time i have ever lost a lure with one was because i got hung up. Dang 50# braid popped before the clip did!

From: Hawg Lord: AK

Comments: Best bait clip i have ever used. It is strong, durable, and doesn't rust. There is nothing on the clip to catch grass. I have been using them for 4 or 5 years and i have never had one fail, not even on redfish. I don't even use split rings anymore.

From: bassNredfish man: LA

Comments: I used them until I casted off a couple shallow cranks. I will not be using them again.

From: Nik: Denver, CO

Comments: i have been using these for over 5 years and i have never had one open up. i don't even know how that is possible. i like speed clips because they allow me to quickly change crankbaits or topwaters. i have used these a lot inshore to catch redfish. i have one clip that has easily caught 100 redfish over 8 pounds and too many trout to count. they  are great and durable.

From: bassNredfish: Louisiana, USA

Comments: I use these, and overall am satisfied. Yes, I have lost an occasional lure because of these, but as far as the comment about metal fatigue from the other comment, no. If you pull off a snag then you need to check the metal for strain same as you would a knot, but otherwise has not been an issue. Where I have lost some lures is using spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, where the thin wire of the snap or arm of the spinnerbait can work through the branches of the clip. Still, I have caught more fish due to the ability to rapidly change lures without taking time to retie. Also, you need lures with fairly large eyes to be able to attach the clip. Still, I use them when I'm not in a boat and only have one or two rods in hand.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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