Bite Me Rattlin Flat Eye Jig Head 3pk

The Bite Me Rattlin' Flat Eye Tube Jig Head is the ideal tube bait jig, simply slide the jig head into the tube bait's opening. The 60 degree horizontal line tie easily allows any tube bait to slide through and over rock piles. The Rattlin' Flat Eye Tube Jig Head's rattle will help fish locate your tube bait. Each Rattlin Flat Eye Tube Jig Head comes equipped with a Gamakatsu Sproat hook.

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Rattlin Flat Eye Jig Head 1/8 oz $3.49 10+
Rattlin Flat Eye Jig Head 3/16 oz $3.49 10
Rattlin Flat Eye Jig Head 1/4 oz $3.49 10+
Rattlin Flat Eye Jig Head 5/16oz $3.49 7
Rattlin Flat Eye Jig Head 3/8oz $3.49 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Ive used the Bite Me vertical eye tube jigs for years. I think they're the best quality tube jig in the market. I recently tried the flat eye version. The problem with the flat eye is that there isnt enough eye exposed to poke it through the thicker walled tubes. May work ok with thin walled tubes like Gitzits, but forget trying to tie up a V&M or an ISG  thick wall tube. Bite Me needs to redesign the shape of the lead to expose more of the hook eye. That, or work with Gamakatsu to design a special hook with more wire at the bend of the hooks eye.

From: Big J: NY 9/1/16

Comments: Used them for the first time several days ago 3/8 oz. Caught 28 bass. 17 of them were over 17 inches. The largest was 22 inches. Had zero problems with the jig head. It performed great. The tube on the other hand was spent. Highly recommend these.

From: Jeremy: McHenry, MD 6/2/16

Comments: These are as easy to use as the description. They work well and the price is right.

From: Mark: Washougal, WA

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