BoatBuckle Winch Straps

BoatBuckle Winch Straps

All of BoatBuckle's winch straps are engineered with safety in mind. Each strap is intentionally designed for the stitching to be the mode of failure in an ultimate tensile test to ensure the hook doesn't break and become a dangerous projectile.

Heavy-Duty Winch Strap:
Designed for the heaviest of applications, the heavy duty winch strap features 10,000-lbs polyester webbing and a forged steel snap hook. 2,667-lbs safe working load. 8,000-lbs break strength. 2" x 25'

Latch-Lok Technology Winch Strap:
The industry's most innovative hook makes attachment easier than ever. Latch-Lok Technology allows you to simply push-on and squeeze-off. Features 5,500-lbs polyester webbing with loop end. 1,667-lbs safe working load. 4,000-lbs break strength. 2" x 20'

Loop End Winch Strap:
The Loop End Winch Strap features 5,500-lbs polyester webbing and a forged steel snap hook. 4,000-lbs rated capacity. 2" x 20'

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    Model No. F14211
    Heavy Duty 2"
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    2 $22.99
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    Model No. F17741
    Latch Technology
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    5+ $20.99
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    Model No. F05848
    Loop End
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    5+ $10.99

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