Boat Bling Condition Sauce

Boat Bling Condition Sauce
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All of those long, sun-soaked days on the water can start to take a toll on your boat’s interior. Now, with Boat Bling Conditioning Sauce you can take a stand against sun damage with 100% UV protection for your boat’s vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces. Boat Bling Conditioning Sauce moisturizes all of these areas and leaves a non-greasy shine that prevents cracking and wear – extending the overall life of your boat. Additionally, Boat Bling Conditioning Sauce also helps rejuvenate slightly damaged vinyl and leather. The soft, water-based Boat Bling Conditioning Sauce only needs to be sprayed on, and then wiped off to leave your boat with that sparkling, “just detailed” look.


-Biodegradable, safe, water-based silicon product
-100% UV protection for vinyl, leather, and rubber
-Moisturizes and reduces cracking
-Rejuvenates slightly damaged vinyl and leather
-Spray on, wipe off application
-Only needs to be applied once a month

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this makes your seats look great and protects them too just make sure to use vinyl sauce with a light bristled scrub brush and clean em first to get full effect and it doesn't leave your seats super slick either big plus

From: Ada: Hayward

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