Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce

Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce
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Keep the interior of your boat in tip-top shape with incredibly effective Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce. The biodegradable, non-caustic Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce breathes life back into old upholstery, and even gets whites and other light colors looking cleaner than you ever imagined. Just spray on, wipe down, and you’re good-to-go. Use it on vinyl, leather, or carpeted surfaces, Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce removes unsightly blemishes caused by dirt, sunscreen, attractants, and food. Additionally, Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce also helps prevent mildew and works great as a de-waxing agent. Include the Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce into your post-boating wipe-down and keep your boat looking its very best.

*Helpful Hint: When cleaning a larger area, dampen a microfiber cloth with clean water, and then spray the Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce directly onto the cloth. This will give your upholstery the same non-greasy, shine, and also decreases the amount of Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce needed.  


-Biodegradable, safe, non-caustic, and non-butyl
-95% cleaner, 5% protectant
-Cleans vinyl, leather, and carpet surfaces
-Spray on, wipe off application
-Safe to use after each outing
-Follow up with Boat Bling Conditioning Sauce once a month 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this sauce is great at removing grime from your seats even sunbaked sunscreen fish blood and whatever else you can think of its great paired up with their condition sauce. You may have seen my other reviews on boat bling products I promise I am not sponsored by boat bling, but this is how I really feel about their products they are great!!!!

From: Ada: hayward ca

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