Boca Bearing Lightning Lube High Speed Bearing Oil 12cc

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Designed specifically for fishing reels, Boca Bearing Lightning Lube High Speed Bearing Oil is perfect for installing new bearings and components or for preserving your existing bearings and components. Use Boca Bearing Lightning Lube High Speed Bearing Oil any time you want to reduce friction, improve performance, decrease wear, and extend the life of your reel. It comes in a 12cc syringe, and has an operating temperature of -50 F to +400 F and a viscosity of 1875/9CS. Boca Bearing Lightning Lube High Speed Bearing Oil is the ideal lubrication for any application that requires a very thin and lightweight oil for minimal friction and reduced drag.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is nothing less of what you expect from Boca! Great bearings and this oil is great. Very nice syringe applicator that gives you the smallest drop you need. And closing the applicator is very nice effective too with a twist to prevent the hole from lining up with the needle. Get it you won't be disappointed. I only apply the smallest drop possible to my bearings. This 1 tube will last me for years.

From: Hmoob: San Diego, CA 6/27/14

Comments: I have not used a lot of different oils but i like this one a lot.  I ran out of the oil that came with a reel and at first tried to use the daiwa oil, but the container suffered a catastrophic failure.  I have been using this for the past few months and its great.  The applicator looks like a regular syringe but it has a closure in the tip that prevents leakage and the tube works great to store in a soft tackle bag.  This will most likely last a long time, but i will get another when i run out.

From: John: Groton, CT

Comments: i have to say this is the best reel oil i have used, just like anything that Boca produces it is top quaility. i would recommend this oil to anyone that wants a high quality product.

From: Jeremiah: North Salem, IN

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