Boca Bearing Spool Pin Pliers - $39.95

Many times the right tool can make all the difference, especially for a niche procedure, like removing spool pins. The Boca Bearing Spool Pin Pliers feature specially slotted tips that allow for quick and easy removal/installation of spool pins on any reel with a main spool shaft bearing. Simply align the spool pin in the slot then squeeze, once most of the spool pin has been pressed through, use the push pin to gently persuade the rest of the pin out of the hole. For installation, just reverse the process and you’re ready to go. Constructed with hardened alloy steel and anti-skid grips, the Boca Bearing Spool Pin Pliers have turned the once difficult task of removing and installing spool pins into a piece-of-cake. 

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Boca Bearing Spool Pin Pliers

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Boca Bearing Spool Pin Pliers $39.95

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Comments: Can be sketchy to use. Hard to align without perfect lighting. Can slip and gouge your spool or even damage the pin (especially Lews, haven't had issue with daiwa). Going to try a different brand... oh yeah, these are very expensive for only having one function.

From: Montanaro: Touchdown City, WV 12/30/14

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