The Boogerman Racket Buzz produces a unique sound not produced by any other buzzbait on the market. The Racket Buzz sound comes from the blade making erratic contact with the head of the bait. This causes a totally different squeak and clacking that drives bass nuts.

The 1/2 oz model features an oversized blade.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Man the 1/2 is huge! Made me persuader buzzbait look small and dwarfs my tungsten war cry buzzbait. But big baits equals big fish.

From: Boonie: Stockton, CA 7/1/15

Comments: Best Buzzbait I've ever used!  Works great out of package. Takes a beating and still stays on top and planes weeds better than any other Buzzbait I've used before. U might have to bend it a little to get the clacking noise back because you've gotten so many fish but still the best SOUND and NOISE and QUALITY for a buzzbait. I won't use any other buzzbait.

From: X: Twin Cities, MN 8/29/14

Comments: Best Buzz Bait on the market.  This thing runs great right out of the package and can really take a beating!

From: Clint: Raymore, MO

Comments: My absolute favorite Buzzbait!! It's without a doubt a BIG Fish lure. The sound is irresistible to bass. I use a 3" swimbait trailer on it also.

Comments: Yeah dont get the 1/2 oz for bass unless your prepared to catch big bass. I have the 1/2 oz and it catches the big ones!!!!! but all sizes work great

Comments:  1/2 doesn't look the same as picture shown here. It's WAY TOO BIG! It's way more bigger than 'over sized blade'. Might be good for musky or salt water fishing, but don't pick it up if you wanna catch bass. I still like the head design, so, I will buy 3/8 next time.

From: Jade: West Coast

Comments: Best buzzbait ever! The fall pattern is picking up and it's rare that I even put this thing down! It's a big fish bait!

From: Grady: Dayton, TN

Comments: best buzzbait i have ever used there is a secret to these baits,see if you can figure it out,i have caught so many biggggggg fish on this lure. if you can figure out the secret to this lure,the strikes you get will blow your mind.i had a 8 pounder just blow it out the water,one awsome puppy!

From: Alan: Virginia, USA

Comments: Great buzzbait. Stays on top very easily. I use the black and red at sunset and at night and the bass just hammer it.

From: David: North Arkansas

Comments: i love this buzzbait, i went down to kentucky lake to do a little night time bass fishing, with this here buzzbait i caught a 7 lb. bass. by a boat dock

Comments: Definitely a different type of buzzbait. Works very well for your first decent sized fish (2-3lbs). After that I had to keep bending the wires back to keep it clacking. I think these bait should be good for at least 10 decent fish.

From: Matt: Abilene, TX

Comments: I love the Boogerman buzz baits. The clacking sound they make as the blade hits the body is really distinctive. They also track nice. Best of all they catch fish.

From: Woody: Johnstown, OH

Comments:Almost got a small sponsor from Boogerman about 8 years ago when a friend and i won a tournament on lake Winniconne in WI using Boogerman buzzbaits. The tournament division was Big Bucks Bass, i was 17 and my friend was 18. Everyone was pretty mad that we took all the prize money in all the categories. Fish cant resist the chatter!

From:Donny: Willowbrook, IL

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