Boomerang Tool "The Snip" Basic Line Cutter

Stop searching your boat for you line cutters and clip on a Boomerang Tool Co. The Snip Basic Line Cutter. The Snip Tool offers anglers an effective alternative to awkward, easily misplaced cutting tools like scissors or nail clippers. The spring-loaded retractable leash allows the Boomerang Snip Tool to be attached anywhere on your boat - or on your person - and it extends a full 36-inches. The Boomerang Snip Tool makes retying a breeze.

The Boomerang Snips are compact, lightweight, extremely durable, and they can make clean cuts with just one hand (even with gloves on) through monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided line (50-lb test) quickly and easily. When you're finished cutting, just squeeze the stainless steel handles on the side of the casing to lock the blades in safe-mode, and let go. The Boomerang Tool Co. The Snip Basic Line Cutters will automatically return to its original position - ready for use whenever you need it.

Dimensions: 3.25" x 1.25" x 0.75"
Weight: 1.25oz


-Ergonomic design for one-handed operation even with gloves on
-Convenient O-ring to connect to you boat, vest, or pants.
-36" retractable cord
-Jaws: 420 Stainless Steel
-One-Year Product Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Im not sure why there are alot of bad things about this product, I get the frustration on why it dulls out but its the standard tool and your trying to cut heavier braid. you get what you pay for. buy the next up if you want good braid cutters.

From: Charles: Shelbyville 1/19/17

Comments: Worked great for about two trips, then would barely continue to cut braid. Always frays and leaves fibers strands. Really only good for mono and fluorocarbon. They should get better grade blades so it will hold up to braid, because they are handy and a good idea, just not well made for braid line fishermen.

From: Harold: FL 6/13/15

Comments: I purchased two of these for my wife and I. After a few months, they started to dull and struggle to cut my braided line. I contacted Boomerang and let them know the struggles we were having with our snips. They promptly sent me two brand new Boomerang snips. Excellent customer service!!!!

From: Travis: Midland, GA 1/22/15

Comments: Great tool,works great in its first couple months,but I wish they would be a way to sharped them,so you don't have to keep buying a new one...

From: Luc: Canada 4/21/14

Comments: cuts through 80lb spiderwire braid like nothing. Highly recommend!

From: Tyler: IL 4/19/14

Comments: Before I got these I was trying to cut braid but none of my stuff could cut it besides a knife. I got this for my birthday and I used them first time and it just straight cut right through braid. I was surprised so much. I've had these for quite a while they have dulled up a lot but all u haves to do is hold ur line tight.. Love this thing

From: Jason: AL

Comments: Inconsistent...Some good, some not so good. My first one was fantastic, so I got 2 more. Of those two, only one cuts decent and the other you have to make sure the braid is pulled tight. The guy on Angler West commercial says he can cut loose line... not completely true... will cut but will leave frays and have to keep trimming.  Still a good decent tool to keep handy.

From: Nate: Folsom, CA

Comments: This thing is great. The only issue I've had is that it doesn't float.

From: John: Dallas, TX, USA

Comments: Fantastic little tool, makes you want to kick yourself in the head because YOU didn't think of it ... Built like a tank. Makes a cool gift, one gift that will actually get used by a fisherman instead of tossed into the land of misfit tackle. Buy multiples of them and stash them away.

From: Bilgerat: DownSouthJersey

Comments: Best braid cutting tool I have found yet Ive been using it for almost 2 years with no problems.

From: Ed: FL

Comments: This thing is great. It sure beats my old clippers. It cuts nicely through any line. I also like that it retracts back. I put mine a carbiner  clip and it is always there when I need it

From: Josh: TN

Comments: The best line and braid cutters out there

From: Lenny: CA

Comments: "The Snip" is the real deal. Keep in on your belt loop during the day and you will have a tool close at hand that will handle brain, mono and flourocarbon with ease. Cool little tool!

From: Buggs: Durham, NC

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