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Booyah Pad Crasher Frog - $4.99 to $5.79

There's nothing like fishing the weeds and slop, and nothing like the surprise and violence of a big bass crashing through the thick stuff to eat your frog. The Booyah Pad Crasher's soft plastic is just the right consistency to ensure solid, consistent hook-ups, while remaining weedless as it navigates over matted vegeation. Its “bass boat” belly also allows it to easily walk-the-dog in open water, and it even features a drain hole to expel water and keep it running perfectly. Available in range of realistic colors, the Booyah Pad Crasher crushes the competition.

Booyah Length Weight
Pad Crasher Jr 2" 1/4oz
Pad Crasher 2-1/2" 1/2oz

Comments: Softest body, walks like no other, mixed with a great paint job. This frog marries realism and fish attracting abilities. Not to mention you can have it for less than 6 bucks

From: Ryan: IL 10/4/14

Comments: Ive fished this frog for a very long time and have the best fishing of my life with it. i one time bought a brand new one to add to my collection and took it out right out of the package and by the end of the day it was completely shredded (not literally) from all the fish that had CHOKED it. It still catches fish like it did out of the package if not better. I must of caught 50 fish that day and is the best frog ive ever used. 

From: QC: USA 9/22/14

Comments: This is the best frog and the least expensive frog i have ever used. this frog walks so much easier and catches fish better than the spros and koppers i have in my box. this bait in the kuro pattern caught my biggest topwater bass, 5lbs 8oz. i now have 3 frogs

From: Nick: Richmond, TX 9/17/14

Comments: I got the Jr. in the bullfrog color and can't be more happy, for the price the hookup ratio is amazing and today I took it out and caught a 5 lb largemouth, great for the price, highly recommend you grab a bullfrog in the Jr. Size

From: Ryan: PA 8/17/14

Comments: I fished one of these as a co-angler in a tournament and had a decent limit in a half hour. The boater I fished with used koppers and strike kings and only managed 1 fish the whole day. My hook up ratio is bout 4/5, and I think that is decent. It is the only frog I fish.

From: Jack: USA 6/24/14

Comments: One of the best frogs on the market! Very soft (softer than Spro IMO) which increases your hook up ratio. If that's not enough I like to bend up the hooks which scares me to do on Spro frogs because I've had hooks break but for some reason this has not happened on any of the Booyah frogs. The legs come long which I also like because I can trim them to however I want. Now to the fishing portion. some of the best topwater fishing you'll ever have! Walks very easy and is something you can give to a kid and have him/her catch big fish, just make sure they use braid! Durability is top notch I've caught so many fish on this and it still goes strong. There's bite marks everywhere, some of the coating is ripped off the bottom, the eyes look like solid color marbles, but the bass still eat it. I finally had to put it up and stop using it because it got a hole in it from so many strikes and fish (some being pike). Definetly get this frog; it's affordable, soft, sharp hooks, good colors, and catches fish! Sorry for the super long review but I wanted to share my experiences with this great frog.

From: Chris: MI 6/21/14

Comments: Hands down one of my most reliable frogs out there. Walks with ease and collapses much easier then any other frog I have used. Cheap and gets the job done. Booyah please make a bigger size.

From: Adrian: Seattle, WA 6/8/14

Comments: The Booyah Pad Crasher is my all-time  favorite frog. The price is also very affordable. It is not only good in the pads, but I fish it in just a regular pond without pads and it still works! Ive caught hogs on this thing. Dont hesitate to buy it!

From: Unknown: USA 4/17/14

Comments: Legs come a bit long but if you trim them the right length they walk like a dawg! Fish can't get enough of this frog!! Definitely recommended to anyone new in the froggin line up

From: Mitch: MN 3/13/14

Comments: I have Strike kings and Spros and this thing is my go to frog. So much softer than the other competitors it is not even funny. SOLID hookups and great price. Highly recommend.  

From: Chris: ME

Comments: Have the plain white frog and have caught well over 40 fish on it. it looks like it got put in a blender because of the vicious Wisconsin northers. I still use it and still catch fish with it. buy one. or two. tight lines!

From: Adam: WI

Comments: Best frog ever. Straight up catches fish. Caught everything from bass to snakehead on it. Only frog I will throw. It walks great and can take a beating. The hook up ratio is great.

From: Bobby: Woodbridge, VA

Comments: Have used the same frog on the Coosa River for 1 year and it still holds up as good as ever. And we all know how violent Coosa River bass are...

From: Angel: Calera, AL

Comments: You will not only catch bass with this lure, you will also catch pike with this lure as well. Never would have dream that a pike would go for this lure but man did it. Love the colors and very realistic when it comes to walking the dog. Im sold.

From: Sonny: NY

Comments: i love these frogs! they are verry soft but very strong too, these frogs can even take a beating from a couple of bowfin and barely have a scratch on them, bass just absolutly inhale the Jr. model. outstanding frog

From: Nick: TX, US

Comments: Great frog , beats em all spro , Koppers , Easiest walkin and lasts forever Red and black or otherwise known as Kuro. BUY IT.

From: Jess

Comments: I just received this frog in the bullfrog color the other day and all I can say is wow. If I catch some fish on this I will definitely be getting another one. Great product I would give it five stars. Can't wait to go fishing with it!

From: Nicole: Ramona, CA

Comments: For the price, this frog is unbeatable. They do take a beating, after about 50 -100 fish, but do they ever draw strikes. Easy to walk, you can throw them far, and they are super soft. Bullfrog, leopard frog and cricket are the 3 go-to colors. Incredible for the price so if you don't have enough money for a koppers, spro, etc... this is your frog.

From: MattyCakes: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Comments: this is the best walking frog ive had it works better if u take a glass rattle and break it in the frog with pliers my favorite color is the cricket frog

From: B: Lakeland,Fl

Comments: I love the pad crasher Jr. Great price on a great little frog. All frogs eventually fill with water, that is why all frogs have drain holes built in. Squeeze the water out when necessary and catch a lot of really nice bass! Im over 20 fish on mine, and the only wear I see is the left pupil paint on the eye is worn off. OH NO! If you want to try a frog, try these. THey work great!

From: Drew: Houston, Texas

Comments: At first I thought I could save a few bucks and grab a few of the pad crashers instead of a spro or strike king at my local shop, but after using them for a while, it's surely worth the money (to me) to get something else. The pad crasher has no rattle/bell inside, and when I tried inserting my own, it ripped. I glued it up and didn't think much of it, but after a few fish the bait was sinking fast due to the fragile/thin rubber. (new holes, not the rip from inserting a small bell.) I would expect this with any frog from attacks from a pike, but the durability is just not there for me.

From: Matt: Greenfield, MA, USA

Comments: This frog has a simple yet effective design. very soft good hooks and great hook up ratio. You can walk the dog/frog with ease with the slight modification of trimming down the silicon. even though when I purchased  this frog when it first came out.(Which was my first frog bait.) I made the mistake of cutting all but an inch of the legs instead of cutting just an inch off the legs I still was catching fish on it. 

Comments: 60 + fish in this frog and the paint isnt hardly worn, the hooks still sharper that needles and it gets softer after every fish i catch on it, by far the best frog ever make on the planet and if you dont buy it you r waisting your money on other lures!!

From: Stone: beastville

Comments: Not a fan. Decent for the price, but it just doesn't hold up to the abuse. There is no doubt, it catches fish which is enough for a lot of people. I will stick with other brands.

From: SchoolMaster: Portage, MI

Comments: I frog fish every chance I get and I try as many frogs as I can afford.  This one is good frog for the money and it walks very well.  Only complaints are that it isn't durable at all and the hooks are recessed more than other frogs.  This does lead to more hookups in semi clean water (my best hooking frog) but you if there are pads or branches this frog hangs on everything.  I will probably get more but I'll only use them in duck weed matted grass or open water around cover because in pads and trees they are so frustrating.

From: Andrew: Chippewa Falls, WI

Comments: I just bought one of these and fished for about 30 minutes on a small pond. It enticed several good bites. I missed most fish but that was because I was using an old spinning rod that is starting to fall apart. I'm very impressed with this frog.

From: Ben: USA

Comments: I enjoy using these frogs, partly for the price, and partly for how soft, easy to use, and durable these frogs are. I use these for muggy summer evenings for Bass and Bullfrogs. One evening I went out and caught 16 Big Bullfrogs on the jr. pad crasher in the bullfrog color as pest control in about 1 hour, each about 1 pound and 12 inches long with the legs out. I had a nice mess of frog legs for supper! As far as bass fishing goes,  this bait is my go- to frog. It walks very easily, and sits nicely in the water when put to a rest. Be sure to tie a good knot on strong line when fishing this! I recommend trimming the legs really short, or until they stick out about 3/4 of an inch from the body, it provides better hookups and a better walking action.

From: Dominic: Ellensburg, WA USA

Comments: this is a good frog for the money. Not as durable as others i have but for being. Super soft and cheap its not bad

From: David: milwaukee wisconsin

Comments: Don't listen to the guy below me. He obviously doesn't know that you have to wait to set the hook with a frog. These are great frogs for the price, only complaint is that after about 30 fish they start sinking when you walk them. Those ones are still good for another 15 fish if you hop them with the rod tip up so they don't sink.

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: Hands down best hook set frog on the market for that price range.  Not super durable but for five dollars cant beat it.  If the hooks pull out put them back in.  Very good action and it catches bass to see watch my link for review and on the water action.  I would suggest everyone buy some of these frogs.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xrbb9X2JknM

From: Dane: NJ

Comments: This Frog Is Amazing! I just slayed a 5lb 9oz Slob Largemouth with this Frog yesterday on the 4th of July! I've noticed that the Booyah Frogs collapse when the bass bite way easier than most brands so the hook up ratio is much greater than most more stiffer brands. I like to cut the legs in half before using it because it seems to make the frog walk the dog better and smoother! Don't believe all the bad dock talk the Booyah Frog has caught me my Personal Best and my friends plenty of bass! Tie yourself on a Booyah Frog and see for yourself.. It Catches!

From: jbird_401: RI

Comments: This frog is not good at all I went fishing yesterday had 7 fish bite and I only hooked 2. This frog is horrible dont get it ever!

From: Ryan: MO

Comments: I love these frogs (perticularly shad & cricket), they out cast my R2S/kroppers..etc frogs and prolly get a good hook set 5-6 times. My only complaint is the belly weight/plug falls out, so after u find a proper weight I super glue it.

From: Jon: Phila,pa

Comments: Great sleeper frog, get one and do like I did, go get more!

From: Charlie: Trenton,NJ,USA

Comments: Fished the 1/2 oz. model today and hooked all five fish that bit on it,all the good reviews speak for the great value and performance of this little devil. You wouldn't expect such good hook up and action on a frog at this price when you have so many higher end models out there but, this thing is really good at it. I have spro's, Kopper's,Snag Proof Ish models and others and this hooks everything from small to bigger bass! Try one and you will do like I did, go back for more:-)

From: Charlie: Trenton,NJ,USA

Comments: Best frog on the planet. The hook up ratio excellent. Action is outstanding. Only frog i will throw.

From: EJ: Richmond VA

Comments: These frogs are great. ive used Koppers frogs, supposedly the number one frog on the market. But ive had atleast 3 times the hook-up ratio on these Pad Crashers. Thinner profile makes it easier to swallow. When targeting bigger fish, use a bigger frog, but most of the time, these work fantastic.

From: Aaron: CA

Comments: I think I've only lost 2 fish out of 14. this frog has a great hook up ratio in only 2 days of fishing

Comments: Looks like a great frog.  I got it in the natural bullfrog color and can't wait to try it out.  One thing that surprised me was how soft the body of the frog is, but it seems pretty durable.  seems well worth $5.79.

From: Carl: ME

Comments: best frog ever. got tons of bass on this bait.if u want to catch a lot of bass get this frog.

From: Frank: WI

Comments: good price, great frog can't go wrong with this bait

From: Mark: MI

Comments: good price, great frog can't go wrong with this bait

From: Mark: MI

Comments: This is one of the best frogs out and there only 6 bucks.I usually only use spro frogs but this one is alittle softer and i think the hookups are better.

From: Tyler: Middletown, PA

Comments: I bought a couple of these during last winter, one in the Albino Frog and one in the Kuro Frog. I like the feel, they are very soft and the hooks were sharp. But the first trip out, when throwing the white frog, the weight had came out of it after no more than 10 minutes of fishing. I tied on the Kuro color, thinking I'd test to see if it was a fluke. Low and behold, the weight came out of that one as well after about 20 minutes. Neither had been hit by a fish or anything. I like everything else about them, but can't say I'm interested in buying another.

From: Chris: MI

Comments: Quality & Price, what more can you ask for. The Pad Crasher is one of the softest frogs on the market, fish crush it and hold on

From: Rob: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Awesome Frog! I've always wavered in my choice of hollow body frogs, and there are many good choices out there like Spro and some of the Snag Proof frogs. But this frog has changed all that! Amazing side to side walking action that entices strikes from even the thickest mats. And the thing that really sets this frog apart from the rest? The hooks. Great quality EWG bend hooks, I have missed/lost VERY few fish with this frog. For under $6 these can't be beat. I won 3 tournaments just last summer and fall after picking these up at a local tackle shop. Buy some and hold on!

From: Chuck: Toledo, OH

Comments: Great frog for a great price (
From: SVM: EC, WI

Comments: great frog great price

Comments: Good lure, this one sits a bit lower in the water than most frogs, but it doesnt sink. Thats what you want out of a frog when you are fishing lily pads. Good for lily pads and sparse grass, but not really good for mats. great frog, I highly suggest picking a few up

Comments: They are good frogs especially for the money but I still prefer Spro frogs.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: Today at Harris Lake, NC the Pad Crasher in Leopard Frog pattern did a great job in the primrose.  Two 5 pounders and one 3 pounder.  I used Stren Sonic Braid 65 lb. and a 6 ft. 10 in. med hvy rod with an extra fast tip and a high speed reel.  I do not see a need to use any other brand of frog. 

From: Dan: Cary, NC

Comments: i started out using frogs and would miss a lot of fish. but with this i havnt missed 1 fish. caugh some good 2lbers the 1st day. 2nd cast caught a 2lb. good bait great hook up. the hooks might flip after a big fish, took me 5 mins to fix it, but that will happen, dont let that fact stress you out though its the best frog ive used 5stars.

From: Josh: USA

Comments: This is the best frog out imo and under $6!!! Very soft and awesome hook up %

From: Joseph: New Bedford, MA

Comments: Great frog better hook up % than I can get with big$ frogs  they r soft  and tuff paint stays better they float better swim better cast better  cost less

From: Gordon: LA

Comments: Man, this is a great frog! First trip out with it I got a 3lb largemouth on it on the last cast of the day. It walks like an absolute charm! It's an absolute steal for $5.79! Two big thumbs up!!!

From: Chris: USA

Comments: amazing frog!!! the body is super soft and the hooks are really sharp too. the colors are perfect. almost the perfect frog.

From: Devin: CA

Comments: 3/5 When I started using this frog I was very suprised of the action because of the price. Worked great for about 2 weeks untill I bounced it off a dock on a cast and the entire skirt just came out... Idk why and this has never happened before but nothing a llittle super glue can't fix, great bait

Comments: Great frog I mostly use Spro Frogs but these are just as good and cheaper walk better they just need more colors.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: love this frog. on my fist cast...BAM a nice size bass. cant beat the price. so ez to walk. the body is so soft. im going to be buying more.

From: Skyline: Greenfield, WI

Comments: Nice frog. Longer body than most which I think might help hookups. Not as soft as the evolve walker frog, but pretty soft.

From: Brandon: IL

Comments: I have been using these frogs extensively this year with great results. Specifically, I have been using the Cricket Frog. They cast really well and are very durable. I have one with the paint almost worn off and it still keeps getting hammered. My two best bass this season (7 1/2, 8 1/4) have come from this frog. They do not fill up with water and sink like some of the other brands have a tendancy to do. These frogs are even more effective when rigged with the Lake Fork trailer hook.

From: Jeff: Little Rock, AR

Comments:I don't really use hollow body frogs but this frog is amazing I just ordered one of every color and a couple spro and kvd sexy frog so right around 150 dollars in frogs! Lol!!!!

From: Patrick: USA

Comments: the best frog that my brother and i ever had it catches big bass

Comments: Great bait you will get blowups! Buy it

From: Bob

Comments: This frog flat out catches fish i like the Kuro Frog color and i fish pressured waters while other people are throwing Sexy Frogs and not catching fish im throwing the pad crasher and catching fish.

From: Brandon: North Port, FL

Comments: Great Frog...first day out in some some thick matted grass i hauled in a nice 5 pound largemouth. Walks the dog very nice right out of the box. Best frog out there!

From: Adam: PA

Comments: Best frog ever, it walks like a dream. The hook up ratio is almost perfect because it is so soft. You can't beat the price for only 5.79 it is a steal. I wish they made a more sizes and colors. I will buy more.

From: Brandon

Comments: best hook up ratio out of all frogs ive used. i used to use spro then i tried on of these and forgot all about spro

From: Bradley: FL

Comments: good frog. Not great I prefer a spro or koppers but for the price you cant beat it, this frog is nearly half the price and walks better than koppers! It just sinks pretty fast and sometimes does weird things when you to walk it fast.

Comments: Its a super sick frog. I love it there os 2 main problems. The weights fall out sometimes and the paint rubs of eventual after 2 4 lbers on mine the ears were gone

From: Tanner: WI, USA

Comments: Gotta say this frog is AWESOME it just flat out calls the big ones out. i have tried all frogs snag proof, spro, koppers, and in my opinion this is the best buy. The main thing i love about this frog is its collapsabilty, which really helps sticking those hooks in the fish

From: Tim: SLO

Comments: I purchased the Booyah frog and was very impressed with them. I used the other frogs and for the money this frog is great. I do not have to get the fine moss off the hooks. I have the Yellow, White and Brown frogs, the yellow one works for me. Try one out, you almost save half the money from the other frogs. Booyah you need to come out with a popper frog.

From: Rod: Ohio

Comments: watta beast!! This is-without a doubt-the best frog on the market for the price.  It was a little bit smaller than i expected, but it still catches big bass. bullfrog color is a really good color.  the only thing is that on the bullfrog color it is a little bit darker on the back than in the picture..Great frog booyah!!!

From: Jay: USA

Comments: Amazing frog!!! walks the dog so easily and absolutely makes the fish sick when you walk it over their heads then stop it! I've caught fish in every scenario on the kuro frog, weeds, mats, open water, you name it the kuro will catch em.

From: Will: Ligonier, PA

Comments: Great Frog! out performances many more expensive frogs like the spro and KVD sexy frog. Im not bagging on those frog but the Booyah Pad Crasher has really hit the spot. i took out the Albino color on a local pond the first day i got it and got 5 bass in a row, it has 95% hook sets and walks like a zara spook. i will be buying more. only downside is after about 25 bass the paint on the eyes and belly are fading and the rubber is tearing in some spots.

From: Chris: Chelsea, MI

Comments: great frog caught a 5 pounder of of it... best frog i ever used so far !!

From: Trent: PA

Comments: i wrote about these before but had to again better then spro and koppers these frogs have 98 % hook up ratio better then any other and they are dirt cheap

Comments: Great frog but the booyah pad crasher has replaced all my spro frogs. The pad crasher is a much better frog and cheaper so check it out you wont regret it!

From: Tyler: GA

Comments: For the price, this is definitely the BEST frog I have ever used. I've experimented with Spro frogs and Scum Frogs and Booyah frogs. Booyah is spectacular. I have used the bullfrog color and it has given great fish a lot of trouble. The bullfrog color gave me my personal best, 7.3 lber, in the almost too dark to see time of fishing. I currently own and have used the Kuro Frog, but it has yet to produce a fish for me. So personally, I don't recommend that color, but every color ever made has a chance to shine. Scum frogs gives me the numbers for a few 12 inchers when I really am having a bad day on the water. But if u want size and don't want to spend too much money, buy a couple padcrashers. You will not be disappointed. Tight lines all.

From: Michael: Raleigh, NC

Comments: Sick frog right here. i caught two four pounders today with it. very nice walk the dog action. amazing hook up ratio. even better price!

From: Julian: Amherst, MA

Comments: Great frog for the money. IMO better than spro and snag proof, especially because of the price. The little drain hole in the back was a great idea. Have had a good hook up percentage with it.

From: John: Chicago, IL

Comments: ive used plenty of frogs including spro bps and snag proof etc and for the price this is hands down a great frog walks easily just like a spro for half the price im sticking to these for now on

From: Evan: Mechanicsburg, PA

Comments: Great frog, 5/5 on it

From: Tony: Madison

Comments: This is one of the best frogs I have used.  Soft body and super sharp hooks.  It comes through the tullies great and I only missed one fish before they destroyed this frog.  Very durable and walks nicely.

From: Lynn: Yuma, AZ

Comments: this frog is great walks super easy cast good and is softer then any other frog if u can't get this frog to walk u need to use braid and if you still can't you should not be bass fishing

From: Mike: Akron, Ohio

Comments: This frog is one of the best if not the best frog on the market. It has a supper soft body, and very strong and sharp hooks. I like the spro's but for the money you cant beat this frog. New favorite.

From: Johnathon: AL

Comments: This frog is sick!!!!  The action is incredible!!! It walks so easily even in choppy water.  If you chug it right you can get it to dive under the water like an actual frog.  Fished it yesterday on a local pond and 3 for 3 hook-up ratio and that was on 7 casts!!!  Spro has now moved to 2nd on the go to list!!!!

Comments: after reading the reviews on every frog on this page, i have come to this conclusion. everyone has favorite frog. i have fished just about every frog sold at one time or another. some are/were good, some are/were bad. at this time, i like the ish monroe line and canyon plastics. however, snag proof frogs are as good as most. i find it's not so much what frog you throw, it's where. if your frog wont walk the dog, usually it's not the frog, it's the person using it. come to think of it, i have never seen a frog do the 'walk the dog'. frogs on the surface simply push the water in a straight line or dive. the biggest fish and largest amount of fish i ever caught was when the frog was sitting perfectly still or just as it hit the water. if you want to improve your catch ratio per strike, get some lake fork frog trailer hooks sold at tackle warehouse, they ROCK!  

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: I caught my first double digit bass yesterday on this frog in the bullfrog color. It is an outstanding bait and as a 100% hook up ratio...Thanks booyah for my 10.4lb pig

From: Cutter: Paris, TX

Comments: Pretty good for the price. Haven't missed to many fish on it. It will 'walk the dog' pretty well with the correct rod.

From: Cody: AR

Comments: This frog is great. I replaced all my spros with these. Fished eufala this past week and started with the spro and caught 3 of the five bites I had on it. Tied on the pad crasher didnt miss a fish. They walk great and are super soft. Only downfall is that dont hold up to well about 20 fish and its time for a new frog. I give it 9 out 10 stars!! Great frog!

From: Tyler: Columbus, GA

Comments: extremely lifelike patterns on it. I'll go as far as to say its comparable to the livetarget frogs. sooooo much cheaper. does not walk the dog, but why walk the dog when I only fish frogs in lily pads? very sharp hooks, long skirt legs make for good adjustment(i cut mine shorter). good bait when bass are biting frogs.

From: Jonathan: Dinwiddie, VA

Comments: Went fishing today on a local pond an this FTP worked great. I caught 4 bass in around an hour in the black and red frog. Just got a koppers live target frog but I think I'm returning it for 2 more of these. A great frog for a great price.

From: Zach: Austin, TX

Comments: extremly weedless but does not walk the dog

From: Joe: Houston, TX

Comments: Fishes great lots of strikes although i lost my first one due to a broken line i am definately getting another tomorrow well worth the price!!!

From: Jerad

Comments: smells like old library books other than that great lure made well walks well cast well please listen too me dont buy the spro's save your self a few bucks and grab one of these

From: Jake: PA

Comments: Just got one of mine today. Still iced up up here so i havent got to use it yet but, it feels amazingly soft with sharp hooks. My only concerns are that its a little light and toothy northerns. Get ur bang for your buck its AMAZING

From: James: Shawano, WI

Comments: Not a bad frog for the price. In my opinion its kinda cheap. Casted  it a few times, the coat on the hooks chipped off a little bit and the paint on the bottom of the frog started to come off. Thank God its slightly under $6 so i can stock up on it

From: WI

Comments: only complaint is theres no solid black color yet

From: Beau: MN

Comments: just as good or better than  Spro  and Koppers, almost like getting 2 for the price of 1 if price comparing !!!!

From: RB: Mid State, SC

Comments: I am very impressed with these frogs. Man, they are absolutely the softest and best looking frogs that I have ever seen. I took them to the swimming pool and they walk the dog as good as any of the higher priced frogs. I am going to grab me about 4 more before they sell out.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: bought 4 of these and I'm impressed with how soft they are they are softer then koppers and spro can't wait to use them this spring

From: Mike: Akron, Ohio

Comments: To start this frog is beautiful looking, very detailed and very realistic. it even has a wet sheen to it even out of the water. But in the water its even better this is one of the very best walking frogs on the market, in my opinion far better than the spro models. i was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the hooks which are incredibly  sharp and definatley will not need to be replaced . The weight system is perfect and will not come loose and ensures your frog runs perfectly every cast.

From: Collin: MI

Comments: I didnt know what to expect with this frog because of the narrow body and the really good price. I was blown away. This is a very good frog for the price. Even walks the dog good. Worth trying.

From: Kyle: TX

Comments: this frog is up there with spro and koppers live target which is by far my fAVORITE frog its a little prcy but awesome .... now this frog is perfect price and walks great and he softest frog i know about... 8/10 stars

From: Jacob: LA

Comments: got one the other day in the crikket color i really like it because its almost half the price of spro and probably twice as soft...im hoping to get some more soon

From: ACTS

***Note: If you have questions about this product or need assistance with an order please email your questions to info@tacklewarehouse.com

Albino Frog
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Booyah Pad Crasher Frog

9 Available Colors

  • Albino Frog
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  • Aqua Frog
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    Jr. 5+
    Standard 5+
  • Bullfrog
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  • Cricket Frog
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    Standard 5+
  • Dart Frog
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    Standard 5+
  • Kuro Frog
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  • Leopard Frog
    Size Stock Qty
    Jr. 12/24
    Standard 5+
  • Shad Frog
    Size Stock Qty
    Jr. 12/24
    Standard 5+
  • Swamp Frog
    Size Stock Qty
    Jr. 5
    Standard 12/24

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