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The Brad's Wiggler series crankbaits from B.S. Fish Tales are a superb action floating crankbait. The 3" crankbait dives 6 to 13 feet and comes equipped with VMC Hooks. Each Brad's Wiggler utilizes a two piece molded construction for superior strength and durability to meet the demands from the most avid fisherman. Brad's Wigglers are used for just about any gamefish that inhabits North America, including salmon and steelhead, walleye, and of course, largemouth and smallmouth bass. Bump one of these beauties off a few sticks or grind them through the rocks and see if you don't get the rod ripped out of your hand.

  Length Weight Dive Depth Class
Brad's Wiggler 2.25" 1/3oz 4-8ft Floating
Brad's Wiggler 3" 3/8oz 6-13ft Floating
Brad's Wiggler 3.75" 3/4oz 12-18ft Floating

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Brad's Wiggler Crankbaits

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  • Natural Craw
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  • Real Craw
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  • Red Black Craw
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  • Red Tiger
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Comments: Great bait!  The only complaint I have is most of them that I have bought, do not run true out of the package.  Out of the 8 I bought recently, 2 from TW and 6 from a local dealer, only 1 ran true.  The others were so badly tuned they would just run sideways and come out of the water.  After tuning them, they work great.  I can deal with this for the end result, which is a flat out bass catcher. 

From: D.J.: Lake Tapps, WA

Comments: I first used Brad's Wigglers for Silvers but found several colors that are bass catchers.  They have a wide wobble and really root the bottom. Well made and cast great. This is super bait for covering shollw points and rip rap.

From: Doug: Longview, WA

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