Brians Prop Bee

Please Note: Does not include hooks or split rings. (See size recommendations below)

A favorite of the pro’s, Brian’s Prop Bee has been responsible for some big checks and big wins on the professional bass fishing circuit.  FLW veteran pro Brent Ehrler, recently used the Prop Bee #2 en route to his win at the 2010 FLW Tour Chevy Open on Lake Ouachita, while the Prop Bee #3 accounted for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place finishes of Clark Wendlandt, Mike Surman and Brian Thrift, respectively at the FLW Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Ouachita in 2007. Each Prop Bee is handmade in North Carolina by Brian Huskins, and features a double prop configuration that produces a topwater disturbance specially designed to induce aggressive strikes. The top coat is also extremely durable, and the hook eye wire even runs through the entire bait for added toughness.  Available in several proven colors, Brian’s Prop Bee is a great choice anytime the water temp is above 55-degrees, and the bass are up shallow, on windy points, bream bed, or keying on schooling baitfish.

Brian's Length Weight Class
Prop Bee #2 2-3/4" 1/4oz Topwater
Prop Bee #3 2-1/4" 3/16oz Topwater
Prop Bee #5 3-1/4" 1/2oz Topwater

Brian's Crankbaits Hook & Split Ring Size Recommendations

Prop Bee #2 - Split Rings: #2 or #3. Hooks: #6 EWG trebles or #4 Round trebles.

Prop Bee #3 - Split Rings: #2 or #3. Hooks: #6 EWG trebles or #6 Round trebles.

Prop Bee #5 - Split Rings: #2 or #3. Hooks: #2 EWG trebles or #2 Round trebles. 

Check out full selection of Split Rings and Treble Hooks.

4 Colors

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    Model No. PB2-BABY BREAM
    Baby Bream
    Size Stock Qty
    B2 5+
    B3 5+
    B5 5+
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    Model No. PB2-BULL BREAM
    Bull bream
    Size Stock Qty
    B2 5+
    B3 5+
    B5 5+
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    Model No. PB2-REAL SHAD
    Real Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    B2 5
    B3 5+
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    Shell Cracker
    Size Stock Qty
    B2 5+
    B3 Sold Out

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Real Shad is the color! Jerk this thing 3-4 times next to some rocks and watch it happen. Quality for me is great. I slung one on a rip-rap bank one time and scraped some paint off but that was it. I mean it's hand made balsa, it ain't goin to hold up like a plastic crank. It's a softer material. Hands down the best prop bait on the market. I've never seen such big fish be so aggressive with a topwater lure. The only complaint would be price. But these things are hand-made so you can't complain about that. I would recommend to anyone.

From: David: SC 11/1/14

Comments: Personally I wouldn't pay $28 for a lure that makes fish JUMP into my boat. Actually rescued one of these out of a willow tree. I nearly needed to be rescued myself because it was so high in the tree. I fish it a good bit. I have caught a few fish on it including a 3 1/2 LB Large head. No problem with quality.

From: Birmingham, AL, USA

Comments: Junk, Junk, Junk. Bad quality lure. The paint job sucks, and hook hangers broke. "You get what you pay for" isn't true in this situation. Action is ok, but props don't even spin. For 27 dollars?!! I wouldn't buy anymore of these if they were 2 dollars. Don't waste your money!

From: Dave: Lake Wylie, SC

Comments: i received two of these baits and went to put hooks on them and the hook hanger busted the tail of the bait..very cheap quality, like something made in china

From: Richard: NC

Comments: These things are way over priced and not durable at all even for a handmade balsa bait.

From: Jimmy: SC

Comments: Just received 2. Paint is already chipped off the bait. Looks like it a job for superglue. Is the quality really there for a $28 dollar bait? We will see.

From: Gerry: Houston, TX

Comments: The price is a little high but the baits are worth it. Remember you always get what you pay for.

From: Skip: Cherryville, NC

Comments: Great bait! Works everytime and bass love me. But They are not worth 27 bucks!!!!

From: Chris: Tennessee, USA

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