Buckeye Lures Spot Removers 5pk

The Spot Remover Jig Heads come with black nickel hook in black, brown, or green pumpkin. They enable worms or craws to stand on end and are great for spotted bass. These work well for deep water largemouth & smallmouth bass and are excellent for bedding fish. If your looking for one with a heavy-duty hook check out the Spot Remover Magnum.

2 Colors

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    Model No. SR-BL-116-5
    Size Stock Qty
    1/16oz 10+
    1/8oz 10+
    3/16oz 6
    1/4oz 10+
    5/16oz 10+
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    Model No. SR-GR-116-5
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Qty
    1/16oz 3
    1/8oz 10+
    3/16oz 10+
    1/4oz 10+
    5/16oz 7

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Customer Reviews

Comments: There is a slight design flaw with the this shaky head - specifically the hook angle as it relates to the centering post for attaching soft plastics   : The key to improving your hook up and catch ratio  with this shaky head is to take a pair of needle nose pliers and open up the hook point angle about 2 ~ 4 degrees . Try this tip and see if you aren't more pleased with the Buckeye Lures Spot Remover and your favorite soft plastic worm or craw!

From: Chris: Georgia: 1/28/17

Comments: Awful- go get some megastrikes or fin-techs you wont be dissapointed in those

From: Jake: OH

Comments: The best thing about this shakey head is the head of the worm comes off the keeper and won't ball up on the point of the hook for more and better hook-ups.That's why I love them.

From: Jody: Ponca City, OK

Comments: Bought a couple bags of these and so far I haven't been able to get a single worm to stay on the keeper.  Poor design IMO.  You can't screw them on, and pushing them on is about out of the question.

From: Jim: Paris, TN

Comments: Hook is way too short and paint chips easily.

From: Bill

Comments: I agree with joe the hook is too short and you will loose fish on it.

From: Dale

Comments: Great design,but hook is way too SHORT! I'm loosing a lot of fish,due to small hook!

From: Joe: GA

Comments: This is the best finesse bait on the market you can put any type worm you want on there my favorite is the zoom trick worm it's what I'm throwing besides a crankbait.

From: Matt: Dallas, TX

Comments: I've yet to find a better shakey head. Rig with a finesse worm and it will catch em' when nothing else will.

From: Joe: Nashville, TN

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