Buckeye Lures Spot Removers Pro Model 5pk

The Buckeye Spot Remover Pro Model Jig Heads come with black nickel hook and comes in black, brown, or green pumpkin. The Buckeye Pro model also has a heavy duty spring to keep your worm locked securely in place, which makes it excellent for skipping. They enable worms or craws to stand on end and are great for spotted bass. These work well for deep water largemouth & smallmouth bass and are excellent for bedding fish. If your looking for one with a have duty hook check out the Spot Remover Magnum.

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    Model No. SRSBL116-5
    Size Stock Qty
    1/16oz 4
    1/8oz 10+
    3/16oz 10+
    1/4oz 10+
    5/16oz 10+
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    Model No. SRSGR116-5
    Green Pumpkin
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    1/16oz 03/06
    1/8oz 10+
    3/16oz 10+
    1/4oz 10+
    5/16oz 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome shakey head I have caught more fish on the shakey head than any other setup I use hands down! Only problem i have is that the hook shank is a little small for some of the larger worms or craws I use , going to buy the mangnum version of these and see how it works out

From: Hunter G: Pascagoula, MS 12/1/16

Comments: This jighead is the best ever tied to a line. Yes, you have to learn how to present it. But if you are a bass fisherman, and understand structure fishing (brush pile), you are going to be impressed like I was last year when a friend of mine turned me on to these. I recommend the 5/16 oz. model, punkin green for green water. This thing is awesome when thrown into tree limbs deep underwater. Fish slow & finesse hangups, which you will have. Be patient & use that twitching motion. Most of the time bass will grab it as soon as it hits the water or hits the first limb as it drops. Fish in deep submerged timber/limbs in late summer. Yes, you must use a zoom worm, green punkin. This is the best jighead on the market. It has put money into my pocket. Yes, I am a tourney fisherman trying to help the novice.

From: Thomas: French Creek, WV 8/21/16

Comments: First off, this is not a shakey head like y'all think it is. It's a totally different jig head that has a totally different presentation. You gotta pop it. It comes up and lands right back in the vertical position. It's a killer bait if you know/learn how to use it. Don't knock a bait as awesome as this, especially if you don't even know how to use it. Great jig head. Buy some & LEARN how to use them and you won't be disappointed.

From: Stephen: SC 2/28/16

Comments: These are the best shaky head jigs. I can count on these to catch fish when it is tough. If you are patient and know how to fish them. I have no problems with the hanging up much around brush or rocks if you fish slowly. Which is what they are made for. I saw other comments that the eye is vertical? It is horizontal. If the worm is folding up you are using the wrong kind of worm. The squared off bottom keeps them standing up. You have to fish them on slack line and slightly move it. They are not for dragging across the bottom like a regular jig. Also other comments mention extreme angle of the hook? It sets straight up which holds the worm straight up. But these are a go to bait when it is tough. Fish slow with slack line.  Do not set the hook, reel into the fish and hang on.

From: Dale: Rockwood, TN 11/5/15

Comments: Paint chips. The angle of the screw and hook is not conducive to straight rigging a soft plastic. The squared off bottom is snaggy. In short, a pretty disappointing product.

From: Dean: British Columbia, Canada

Comments: A great jig head! Especially when rigged with a rage baby craw in shallow cover and docks.

From: Mike: LaGrange, IN

Comments: A great head IF you learn how/where to use it. Different presentation to the round shaky head, but should not replace it. Use in small to medium rock. I like using 4" soft jerkbaits with it. Stay away from the green stuff though, will gather a lot of weeds.

From: Oneida Lake, NY

Comments:These are probably the most poorly thought out shaky jig heads I've seen. First off, the eyelet is vertical and most all shaky jigs are horizontal. Horizontal eyes pick up a little less vegetation. The squared off bottom seems to want to lodge into any crevasse it can find. I think the bulky profile also contributes to the weed gathering ability of the product. The last think I dislike about these heads is the extreme angle of the hook. When I let my bait lay still for a while, the worm basically settles down and almost folds in half since the hook is almost completely upright.

From:Chris: Plains, PA

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