Buddha Baits Snooze Alarm Buzzbait

Give bass a wake up call with the unique clacking agitation of the Buddha Baits Buzzbaits. Made using tin instead of lead, the Buddha Baits Buzzbaits emit a distinct clacking tone as the premium prop blade spins and ticks against the head. This unmistakeable acoustic footprint grabs bass' attention and incites aggressive blow-ups. 

Additionally, the flat head shape and smooth blade rotation allow the Buddha Baits Buzzbaits to get on plane quickly after it lands. Complete with a razor-sharp 6/0 Mustad hook, the Buddha Baits Buzzbaits provide a devastating topwater disturbance and plenty of heart-racing action. 

5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These buzzbaits are unreal. Put a zoom horny toad on the back and hold on. From 5 pound spots at Lanier to 8 ponders at Sinclair! This buzzbait is the real deal. Have broke a few off at the line tie. Gotta stop boat flipping 5 pounders on it. They need to upgrade the wire on these guys but I love them.

From: Nick: Marietta, GA

Comments: Looks like somebody decided they wanted to just make their own boogerman buzzbait. I'll stick with the original.

From: Drew: GA 11/13/15

Comments: an excellent buzzbait.however it does need frequent tuning after catching fish to keep the blade ticking off the head/arm and that's crucial to its effectiveness

From: Eric: Scott, AR 7/7/15

Comments: this is one LOUD bait. It has a really unique clack that puts off a very different sound than any other buzzer I have used. It also gets on plane fast and comes through grass really well. Awesome buzzer!

From: Evan: GA 9/10/14

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