Bullet Weights Bass Casting Weights - $1.79

These Bullet Weights Bass Casting Weights are ideal for fishing over rocks and other underwater obstructions without snagging. The Bass Casting Weight's swivel minimizes line twists, allowing more time for fishing, not fiddling. Bass Casting Weights can cast well in the wind, making them a favorite for shore anglers.
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Bullet Weights Bass Casting Weights

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Bass Casting Weights 1/8 7pk $1.79
Bass Casting Weights 3/16 6pk $1.79
Bass Casting Weights 1/4 5pk $1.79
Bass Casting Weights 3/8 5pk $1.79
Bass Casting Weights 1/2 4pk $1.79
Bass Casting Weights 3/4 4pk $1.79

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Comments: Heak with the expensive dropshot weights, after losing hundereds of them on the rockpiles of lake Erie, i started using these.  Instead of going through a dozen weights a day I now only go through 2 or 3.  I tie these on very quickly with a cinch knot and they stay on the the line much much better than the clip on type.

From: Jeremy: Punxsutawney, PA

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