Bullet Weights Rubber T-Stops 10pk

Bullet Weights Rubber T-Stops 10pk

The Bullet Weights Rubber T-Stops pegging system is probably the best way to peg your bullet weight when you don't want it to slide on the line. The T-Stops are a long, thin, tapered piece of rubber with a flat nail head at the end. The idea is to push the narrow end into the base of your bullet weight until it sticks out the pointed end and pull it the rest of the way through. Now just stretch the rubber and clip it off at the top of the weight and it will stay securely wherever you want it. The soft rubber peg will not damage the line, like a toothpick can, and the weight can be moved up and down the line easily.

Small: Will peg up to a .062 hole
Large: Will peg up to a .092 hole

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Good Stop, i order both sizes. Easy to rig. I use a hook to extract the stop, works fine for me.

From: Jeff: NW Indiana

Comments: these stops r effective 4 all ur flippin needs &punching as well the only problem is when changing weights it is difficult getting the stop out 1oz &1.5 oz tungsun weights get $$$$$

From: J.D.: Wayne N.J. USA

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