Bullet Weights UltraSteel Bullet Weight

As more and more areas in North America ban lead fishing weights the search for alternative materials will continue. While tungsten weights have proven their utility with bass anglers everywhere steel has become an economical and sensible alternative. Steel is cheap and easy to use, is not banned anywhere, and because steel is much harder than lead it provides a great sound when it clacks against rocks underwater or against a bead on your line. These painted UltraSteel weights From Bullet Weights will give you everything you need, streamlined shape to get through the rocks, rounded edges that will not damage your line, and maybe most importantly, a price sensitive lead alternative.

1/16oz, 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz - 5 per pack
3/8oz, 1/2oz - 4 per pack
1/2oz - 4 per pack
3/4oz, 1oz - 2 per pack

1/16oz -15 per pack
1/8oz - 12 per pack
3/16oz, 1/4oz - 9 per pack
3/8oz - 7 per pack
1/2oz - 6 per pack
3/4oz - 3 per pack
1oz - 2 per pack

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    Model No. PBUSBWP116B
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz5pk 10+ $2.49
    1/8oz5pk 10+ $2.49
    3/16oz5pk 10+ $2.49
    1/4oz5pk 10+ $2.49
    3/8oz4pk 10+ $2.49
    1/2oz4pk 10+ $2.49
    3/4oz2pk 10+ $2.49
    1 oz2pk 10+ $2.49
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    Model No. PBUSBW116
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz15pk 10+ $2.29
    1/8oz12pk 10+ $2.29
    3/16oz9pk 10+ $2.29
    1/4oz9pk 10+ $2.29
    3/8oz7pk 10+ $2.29
    1/2oz6pk 10+ $2.29
    3/4oz3pk 5 $2.29
    1 oz2pk 7 $2.29

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Customer Reviews

Comments: There is definitely something different to these weights. First, they will rust on you, but it's kind of cool because they become this brown natural rust color. Second they're a little bigger then the same size weight in lead. But ultimately, these weights just catch fish for some reason! They seem to come through cover better than lead, especially grass and even snot grass, and they flat out catch fish, especially on a creature type bait or a chigger craw size plastic with a fatter head. I've tried it out with friends and had them fish steelies as well, and they love them too. Cant explain it, don't really care to know why but they work! Try them!

From: Unknown: USA 4/3/14

Comments: UPDATE: There is one problem with the weights, the bottoms of the weights rust, once used, but other than that, they have been a great investment Thanks TW!

From: Mitch: Sherwood, WI

Comments: These are the best bullet weights for flipping. these are just as goo as tungstung flipping weights. They have a perfect shape for flipping. They are also Dirt cheap!

From: Mitch: Sherwood, WI

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