CL8 Bait Clacker Swimbait

CL8 Bait Clacker Swimbait

The Cl8 Bait Clacker Swimbaits feature a smooth, ultra realistic profile with no fins, and each bait comes equipped with three super sharp Owner treble hooks held in place with durable swivels. The swivels allow the hooks to move independently of the bait, making it harder for fish to come unbuttoned during the fight. The tail hook also helps catch those frustrating fish that eat the tail, and wouldn’t normally get hooked. The harder material used in construction of the Clacker is also what gives it that “clacking” sound when fished at a fast pace through the water. This bait can be reeled fast, while still swimming straight, and it can also be fished slowly to get those lazy fish to strike. Available in a range of detailed, realistic color patterns, the Cl8 Bait Clacker Swimbaits come in both 5-inch and 7-inch sizes.

Cl8 Bait Length Weight Class Sink Rate
Clacker 5 5" 1-oz Slow Sink 1-ft/2-sec
Clacker 7 7" 2.5oz Slow Sink 1-ft/2-sec

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are bichen baits! I have been fishin them since they came out. I have never had any issues with them at all, just plenty of good fish caught. If you did for some reason have a problem with a bait contact Clayton on his website and he'll take care of you.

From: Dan: Orange County, CA 9/10/14

Comments: Joints locked up after only a couple uses and paint is alredy chipping and I haven't even caught fish on it

From: Brian: FL

Comments: just got mine, must say its a well solid built lil swimbait.strong joints, great paint.this bait will def be gettin tied on and slammed.will be getting me a few more

From: Steveo

Comments: lol tim, I did the same, bought one to tezt out n try for sure itll be like the rest of cl8 baits and be well worth it n kickass.

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: Eh no one else will submit a review, so I will buy it and test it out.

From: Tim: WA

Comments: is this swimbait any good?? Anyone out there got it and used it?? Any info would be appreciated.

From: Steve: USA

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