Designed by FLW pro, Gabe Bolivar with the idea of hunting for that kicker fish, while filling out your limit, each CL8 Bait Water Vole Wake Bait is injection-molded and hand-crafted with the finest components by Clayton Bryant personally.

The CL8 Bait Water Vole is designed to be waked - on or just below the surface. A steady retrieve with a twitch of the rod every now and then is all you need to get bit. Fish it slow or fast around riprap, logs, lay downs, and grass, it catches two pounders and eight pounders all in the same day around any type of cover.  Get out there and tie on a Cl8 Bait Water Vole Wake Bait - you won't be disappointed.  


-Owner 3X Hooks
-Owner Split Rings & Swivels
-Carbon Fiber Bill
-Zoom Trick Worm Tail

CL8 Bait Length Weight
Water Vole 4" - Body
8" - Total

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: update: still catching fish. Now I use a big split ring on the line tie, gives it more rocking/side-to-side action, makes it more loosey goosey. I also switch up tails but hard to say which works best. I'm liking the old Creme pink straight worms atm.

From: Brian: GA 7/8/14

Comments: Easy to throw on a rod you probably own. No need to jam out and buy a whole new 'swimbait' rig. Not for people who will make a few casts and then put it gotta put in a little time with the ole vole, then you'll see.

From: Jay6: USA 7/1/14

Comments: this thing is killer,but I changed mine up a bit and it gets hammered even more now. I took off the tail and trim down either a twin tail grub or sometimes a rage tail craw to give it some kicken leg action like a frog or rat swimming and kickn away and the fish cant seem to stand it like that. Really slay the pigs with this in the early morning and even better at dusk/night. Get yo self one and try the grub/leg option,it also gives it a smaller profile then with the tail. Next time I'm gonna try puttin a swim senko on n see what that'll produce. But yea this bait is a beast,def. Worth it.

From: Steveo: USA 3/20/14

Comments: What happened to all the reviews? weird... Anywho- Dudes. This is the rat bait you want. I own the dirty rat as well, but this one catches me more fish. It's kind of ugly but it's got mojo. It also only weighs an ounce, verses the 3.5 ounce dirty rat, which means I can fish it on a heavy action rod instead of having to break out my swimbait rod. fishing this on my 7ft or 7'4 rod is much more pleasant than my 8ft swimbait rod. It's also half the price as the dirty rat, and that doesn't suck.


From: Brian: GA

Comments: after reading these reviews dont even question your self about buying this bait. just scroll down pick a color and add to cart! this bait is perfect. Perfect size, weight, colors, action, cast ability, and price.  the carbon fiber bill is indestructible!!!!!!!!! by the way you can walk the dog with this bait as well as a spook!

Comments: buying this one in 2 weeks just destroyed em on the mighty mouse and i cant wait to try this one.

From: Chris: San Diego

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