CS Coatings UV Blast Pro-Tec Powder Paint - $7.49

The CS Coating Pro-Tec Powder Paint is the most convenient and cost effective way to create high-quality, custom colored fishing tackle.  Extremely easy to use, the tough powder paint contains almost no odor and requires no solvents, no primers, and no gloss coats.  Application of the paint is a simple and straightforward process that only requires a heat source and a container for the paint. Cleanup is just as simple, and the high-gloss finish dries in seconds so you spend less time painting and more time fishing. 2 ounces of CS Pro-Tec Powder Paint will cover over 375 of your 3/8 oz jigs, making it an economical choice for all of your custom coloring needs. Available in a variety of classic fishing colors, the CS Coating Pro-Tec Powder Paint is the ideal option for creating custom masterpieces or bringing some of your old, battered jigs back into the game.  


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CS Coatings UV Blast Pro-Tec Powder Paint

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Comments: This powder coating paint does have red flake in it, like the color just know this when you purchase this powder paint.

From: Lee: Willmar, MN

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