CS Coatings UV Blast Worm Dip - $6.49

CS Coatings UV BLAST is a clear overcoat that can be applied to any lure to reflect critical UV light. Your lure will flash even in dark, murky water where UV light, but not visible light, penetrates. Research continues to show that fish see and are attracted to UV light. And with UV BLAST you get the strongest UV enhancer available today. So why let your lures get lost in the dark? Fire them up with UV BLAST.

Worm Dip with UV Blast is an easy method of adding UV reflection to your existing plastics collection. Extremely fast drying, Worm Dip will enhance the underlying pigment of the plastic lure and give it the critical UV reflection that fish can see.

This product is flammable and can not be shipped Air. It CAN ONLY be shipped UPS Ground

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CS Coatings UV Blast Worm Dip

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CS Coatings UV Blast Worm Dip $6.49

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Comments: I'm always looking for an edge so gave this a shot. Dipped tail of senkos and other worms. I noticed ZERO difference after ample time with and without on several occasions in all diff't lakes. Marketing gimmick and I took the bait. Did I just save you $5.49? Maybe I got a bad batch:)

From: bass-o-matic: New York

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