Cablz ZipZ Eyewear Retainer System - $11.99 to $14.99

The latest and greatest from Cablz, the Cablz ZipZ Eyewear Retainer System is adjustable in length for the perfect fit. Made of surgical grade steel cable, industrial strength rubber and other quality components, Cablz ZipZ are designed to handle hard work and active lifestyles.

Benefits of Wearing Cablz Zipz:

-Adjustable for the perfect fit
-Prevent accidental drops
-Stay off your neck
-Don't become hot or sweaty
-Don't become heavy from being wet
-Never have bad odor
-Allow full range of motion
-Don't catch on clothing

Please Note: XL sizes are designed to fit modern style frames with oversized arms.

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Cablz ZipZ Eyewear Retainer System

2 Available Colors

  • Black
    Size Stock Qty
    12" Out
    14" 2+
    XL 12" 2+
    XL 14" 2+
  • Camo
    Size Stock Qty
    12" 2

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