The Canyon plastics frog is a great addition to your soft plastic frog arsenal. The Canyon plastics frog is a bulky bait that features a hollow body for extra buoyancy and a hook hiding belly slit. The hollow cavity in the bait is a unique feature no other soft plastic frog offers and is ideal for customizing this frog to your specific needs. The Canyon plastics frog also features very thin legs for an erratic action on slower retrieves. The Canyon plastics frog features six cavities on the belly. Three on each side of the belly slit which will create a different sound and added bubbles. These cavities would be an excellent area to add scents or rattles. Pick up some Canyon plastics frogs the next time you are in the need of some soft plastic frogs.

Length Quantity
3.5" 8
4.5" 4

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments:  When I first bought this frog, I was under the impression it was a buzz frog...I tired it as such, and well it sucked....Apparently I was not using my head.  I came to realize that this is the only type of lure like this.  This is a just like all the other 2 hook weedless frogs, like the scum frog, or Spro Dean Rojas Bronzeye.  Just one hook, centered, as big as you like it.  I used a nice big Mustad Power Lock Plus, EWG non-weighted hook.  It works great.  Walks the dog, stays a float nice....all around great bait !!!!!  Highly recommend

From: Pete: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: LOVE this frog.  I been using this frog for almost 2 years.  I LOVE flipping this frog in tooles and wood.  Last year on Mead I had an awesome day swimming this frog weightless over grass beds.  Great hooksets, very weedless and it's like a tube with legs.

From: Bob: Henderson, NV

Comments: We don't hear about this frog, seldom if ever. i bought some just because i liked the look's of it. i was totally impressed with it from the start. if there's a better hooking frog on the market, i don't know what it is. i've fished a lot of frog bait's and i rate this one in the top 3. you can do thing's with this frog you cannot do with any other's, as advertised. i wish  had found it earlier, i could have saved a lot of money looking for the best. this is one of the VERY BEST!  

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments:This frog is in my opinion the best frog, period!!! Casts like a bullet and collapses easy and provides good hook sets. I used to use other frogs but now this is all I stock in my tackle bag, definitely worth trying. After fishing these, you will not fish other frogs.....

From:Peter: San Marcos, CA

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