Chompers Stand-Up Jig Head 8pk

These Chompers Stand-Up Jig Heads are made to compliment the famous Chompers Skirted Grubs. They have a mushroom shaped head that allows the bait to stand up, while the twin tails wave in the water for lots of bass attracting action. They offer a braided wire weed guard that effectively keeps the hook out of sticks and other underwater debris, but allows you to easily put the hook into a fish. Each jig comes with a Mustad Needlepoint hook for guaranteed sharpness and each head is painted a bait matching color. As you crawl your Chomper Skirted Grub or other spider jig along the bottom, the Chomper Stand-Up Head will keep the bait moving and dancing for a lifelike presentation.

2 Colors

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    Model No. JH4BK
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    1/4 5+ $5.49
    3/8 5+ $5.49
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    Model No. JH4BR
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    Brown 4+ $4.99
    1/4 4 $5.49
    3/8 5+ $5.49

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Customer Reviews

Comments: 1/4 oz with a beaver style bait and you're in business!

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