Conquistador FinessePro Craw Trailer 8pk

Conquistador FinessePro Craw Trailer 8pk

Conquistador FinessePro Craw Trailers are hand-poured, resulting in the unique color combinations you see below. These finesse craws aren't limited to just jig trailers. They can be successfully employed in a number of ways. Drop shotted, flipped or pitched, Texas-rigged, brass and glassed, or on a football head, this craw will catch fish. Super soft plastic and natural sent with salt ensure that each bait is lifelike and ready to fish right out of the bag.

The Conquistador Casting and Flipping Jigs perfectly match the Craw Trailers.

Conquistador Casting Jig

Conquistador Flipping Jig

Length Quantity
2.5" 8
3.5" 8

12 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: "Sweet Craw"... Anytime you catch a fish on the first cast using a new lure is always a good sign... It's an even better sign if you catch your second fish on the second cast... I combined the 2.5 Finesse Craw with an 1/8 oz weedless grub head and the Smallies constantly slammed the lure on the fall. The craw produce the entire day...

From: Allen: Ardmore, PA

Comments: Awesome product, couple with conquistador jig and you've got a great duo.  I have one 5 local tournaments this year alone on these and placed in the money with several big bass coming on these jigs and trailers!

From: Jonathon: Rossville, IL

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