Conquistador Tungsten Bullet Weights

Conquistador Tackle offers premium Tungsten Bullet Weights which are much denser, harder, and more compact than lead. This provides as meriad of advantages for anglers. Their more compact profile allows them to get in and of cover more easily, and their increased density allows them to get to the bottom faster.

When paired with a bead they also produce a louder fish attracting sound, and their increased hardness transmits bottom structure far better than lead, so you can tell exactly where your bait is. Available in a range of sizes and also featuring a smooth, polished iine hole that won't fray your line, the Conquistador Tackle Tungsten Bullet Weights are hard to beat.

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Tungsten Bullet Weights 1/8 10pk $8.99 5+
Tungsten Bullet Weights 3/16 10pk $11.99 5+
Tungsten Bullet Weights 1/4 10pk $14.99 5+
Tungsten Bullet Weights 3/8 5pk $11.99 5+
Tungsten Bullet Weights 1/2 4pk $11.99 5+
Tungsten Bullet Weights 3/4 3pk $11.99 5+
Tungsten Bullet Weights 1oz 3pk $14.99 5+
Tungsten Bullet Weights 1 1/2oz 2pk $14.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Weights are a lot better then they look in the picture. These are very nice weights and they are at a great price. I will be buying more soon!

From: Ed: NY

Comments: Well worth the price for these weights. Going to buy more.

From: Noel: San Jose, CA

Comments: Really good tungsten weights at the lowest price Ive found for tungsten. Good product.

From: Will: AL

Comments: These are great weights at a great price.

From: Tracy: Summerville, GA

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